Officer Edward Hale told My Sis that Joanne Shurter is Having me Arrested for my blog

Then my sis called the mayor’s office, and we are on our way down now to make a complaint.

Since the cat is out of the bag, I need to stress that I can PROVE WITHOUT A DOUBT that the complaint  police filed for this protection order was done with false information. 

Officer Edward Hale suggested to Joanne that she issue an arrest warrent out for me, which he told my sister, following up by the fact  that he didn’t bother to look at my website.   He called my sister  “crazy” on the phone, and  graduating at the top of her class with both her undergrad and masters, she didnt take much of a liking to that, which is why we are filing a complaint at Mayor Suttle’s office this afternoon, along with issuing a complaint with the Omaha Police Department.

I guess that all of this is going to have to be looked at after all.  If I am arrested because of my website- it will be in direct violation of my 1st amendment rights, and I will go as far as I have to go to LEGALLY  defend my contitutional rights.  I have only spoken about public documents that deal with me- so it is MY RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT THEM.  I am NOT GOING TO SHUT THIS SITE DOWN OR QUIET MYSELF IN ANY WAY!

Ill keep everyone informed as to what happens.  It is a drama that is almost too good to miss.

Left later that night on facebook:

Kathy Bannister I filed a complaint with Mayor Suttle’s office today regarding the terrible treatment that I received from Officer Hale. He was rude, and he told me that he is only interested in Joanne’s side of the story. I offered him info on several documented events, and told me he was not interested in the least. He also told me that he does not care about justice. Very alarming…

Kathy Bannister He told me that he is Detective Hale, but I just don’t associate detective or investigator with a man who is disinterested in justice.

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