Being A Whistle Blower Isn’t Easy

I’ve done pretty much everything a person can do to try and do the right thing in trying to get my family investigated for child trafficking.

I started with the Omaha police who didn’t want any part of it, including going to the cold case detective at the time John Pankonin and demanding that he take my DNA to compare it to the Ricky Chaddick case.

The only thing THAT resulted in was that John Pankonin’s OWN SISTER Tru befriended both me and my sister Kathy right after.

Going to the local media- I consistently heard two words… “career killer” .

I’ve written a book, hosted a blog, and did countless interviews and made even more YouTube videos to no avail.

The interview I did with John B Wells about my father’s involvement with the Jacob Wetterling case ended up with an unsolvable 28 year old cold case being “solved” LESS than 2 weeks later.


Of course it was by a man already in prison who was never charged with the crime and the “remains” they discovered were animal remains and not Jacob’s.

That was according to Timothy Holmseth- an investigative reporter- who they silenced with a protection order. (They tried to do the same with me).

I’ve had death threats and stalkers- by self proclaimed Satanists like Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

The police are useless. In Algona WA I was told to “stop poking the bear”. It has been my experience that police do everything to PROTECT the child killers and silence the victims who come forward.

Now there is Qanon. But this video sums up the truth about Qanon perfectly in my opinion…

Now- one of the major players, Michael Aquino, is supposedly dead. I first heard about it when a bunch of Satanists DM’d me on Twitter demanding I apologize for the things I’ve stated about him.

That will NEVER happen as what I’ve said is the truth. I also DO NOT believe he is dead. And if you simply Google Michael Aquino death- you’ll find I’m by far not the only one.

This is just ONE person. There are a ton of others…

Michael Aquino is (apparently) dead


I figure only God will be able to deal with this mess as mankind most DEFINITELY won’t.

The police never will, the media never will. The FBI (who I reported my family to in person) never will. The Dept of Justice (who I’ve contacted over and over) won’t.

And after what we saw with Jeffery Epstein- all officials will do is everything they can to keep it quiet.

Do I regret my decision? Not at all. Better to do what I have and failed rather than be a child killer- or worse- those who would do everything they can to protect the child killers. And believe me- there are PLENTY of those eager and MORE than willing to sell their souls for a bit of money to do just that.

In the end- I think they’ll regret their choices. Me- even though I failed to accomplish what I set out to do- can at least say that I tried everything in my power to do the right thing.

I’d rather that than be a self serving child killer any day!

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