An Observation Concerning Our Recent Presidential Election

There is a thread that binds all that we have seen during this past election.

Why Trump told his followers NOT to mail in their ballots and why he began demonizing the mail in vote.

Why the election polls were SO FAR off this election, unlike any other time before and instead of Biden being reported as having a 10 point lead the margin ended up RAZOR thin against an incumbent President who had no more than a little over 40 point approval rating.

Why NO Republican will say BOO to Trump and how Lindsey Graham, who days before the election was begging for money and claiming people hated him- WON his election despite his opponent beating him in fundraising 3 to 1.

And lastly- why China has come forward claiming the American democracy is a fraud before we even know who the President will be.

But then THEY would know as it was THEM that sold Ivanka Trump 7 trademarks for VOTING MACHINES.

China doesn’t USE voting machines. And why would Ivanka Trump need or even WANT trademarks for Voting machines?

Because with them- the Trump administration can program and control the vote.

Republicans would bow to Trump being guaranteed to stay in power- and would NOT DARE to go after Trump for fear of losing it.

Their issue is NO ONE could have foreseen the number of people voting. Which is why the Trump administration is trying to stop the vote count.

It is my contention that the vote WASN’T close. And it wasn’t the Democrats who are trying to steal the election. It is the Republicans.

And those voting machines that Ivanka Trump owns the trademarks too need to be looked at.

Criminals do what criminals do. And what they do is steal.

And stealing elections is what REPUBLICANS historically have been good at. Not Democrats.

Oh- and by the way- I don’t like Biden. But I like fascist dictatorships even less.

Fuck Nazis and white supremacists.

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