Timothy Holmseth- Investigative Reporter Looking Into the Jacob Wetterling Case- is Jailed By the Same Means They Tried to Do to Me

Timothy Holmseth is an investigative journalist who has been investigating the Jacob Wetterling abduction- a 28 year old cold case that was “solved” LESS than two weeks after I gave this interview on the John B. Wells show Caravan to Midnight…

Danny Heinrich, a man already in prison, gave a confession and told authorities where Jacob’s body supposedly was- again- less than two weeks after my interview. 

Heinrich was NOT charged with the abduction afterward.

Holmseth, in his investigation, discovered the remains that were supposed to be Jacob’s were not even human remains but rather animal remains. His investigation supposedly extended to leading him to a child trafficking ring in Broward County in Florida.

How or why I don’t know. But I believe it might be worth looking into- considering the illegal actions surrounding the Jeffery Epstein case.

Although Holmseth was living in Minnesota –  a protection order was taken out by someone in Broward County and resulted in Holmseth going to jail.

Bogus protection orders are a typical MO for this group- as they tried to do the same to me. The reason I suspect this action was done for bogus reasons is that the order taken out on me in Kent, WA listed around 15 videos on the original order that had absolutely nothing to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves.

I was then brought to court in Pacific, WA saying I violated the order- but I got a lawyer and moved six states away and although I spent a year trying to avoid a set up (as I was told I couldn’t violate ANY laws for a year), it wasn’t easy as they tried to say I violated the law for having my dogs- although the town I moved too had allowed them months before. 

Had it not been thrown out of court- I could have been put in jail for a year- where I was being assured through emails that I was going to be murdered.

What ALSO leads me to believe Holmseth was targeted was that when I began posting about Holmseth on Twitter- a brand new account began attacking me, using the exact same arguments and games that have been used repeatedly against me consistently for years by the group trying to shut me up.

Then another account reached out to me- asking me to call them- because they wanted to speak to me about Holmseth. I ended up calling wanting to know what they had to say.

The conversation about Holmseth was much like like they do with me- discrediting Holmseth and trying to vilify him while avoiding any and all conversation about what he was uncovering.

Much like it is with me- the argument is “ignore what Holmseth is saying because he is crazy, unstable, and a liar”.  But of course my question is why does it matter so much what I think? Why was the focus to discredit Holmseth in my mind so important?

I mean- according to my dissenters – I am a crazy unstable liar who is a nobody as well. So why would it matter what I think or believe?

To be honest, I have no idea who Holmseth is as a person nor am I up to speed as to exactly what he was uncovering.

What I DO know is that this case “solving” the Wetterling abduction is bogus and doesn’t make any sense on the facts.

They again are desperate to prevent anyone from looking into my family and their involvement with child trafficking in the Omaha area- which is why they are so dedicated in trying to keep anyone from listening to what I have to say. 

Me or really ANYONE who tries to expose this mess. Timothy Holmseth is just one more example of this.

On a much different note- I obviously didn’t die from that chemical that came through an open window in my house at 9 pm at night- although it made me sicker than I have ever been for several weeks afterward.

The attacks against me have been constant and furious but at least they weren’t able to fulfill their promises of having me murdered in jail.

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