The Case Regarding Me, My City Council, and My Dogs

I did not want to get involved with a “he said, they said” situation concerning the situation concerning my dogs and the city council- but considering the gossip campaign being waged against me- I don’t see much choice.

First of all- I personally am NOT suing the town. When I was facing them taking me to court last year- trying to charge me with a crime for having dogs they had approved me having eight months before- I contacted the Iowa Civil Liberties Commission on the advice of my lawyer and made a complaint.

It is my opinion that anyone who has a lawyer and doesn’t follow their advice is a fool.

They did an extensive investigation that took months to complete- and concluded that there were reasons why they should take the town to task.  They not only contacted me but the entire council as well as several people in town in order to make their determination.

It is the ICLC that has filed suit against the town- NOT me.

The thing is- the city council was given ample chances by me to drop all of these proceedings if they would just lay off me and the dogs. They refused and proceeded to try and charge me with a crime- which was eventually thrown out of court.

From what I’ve been told- people in town are being told that I specifically moved here in order to sue them- but this is ridiculous as things were fine for eight months UNTIL they went after me immediately after I made a complaint about the city clerk.

I made my complaint on a Friday and that following Sunday they sent the Sheriff to my house.

But the town is not the only entity named in the complaint as both the mayor and the city clerk are also specifically named in it.

And from what I understand- the town has insurance for these type of matters- so the city council claiming everyone’s taxes are going to go up as a result is blatantly false.

In my opinion this is just being claimed in order to vilify me.

Not saying they won’t raise people’s taxes- but it will NOT be directly linked to the ICLC the taking the city council to court.

And the ICLC decided to proceed with all of this NOT because of my actions- but rather the city council’s,  the mayor’s and the city clerk’s actions. I simply made a complaint- which was investigated and determined to have merit.

And immediately moving into town, I began receiving threats against me- including threats against my dogs- all of which have been given to the Sherriff’s office.

Personally I just want to sell my house and get out of this town. I never wanted this mess but I also couldn’t just lay down and take it either.

But when it comes to this lawsuit – all I did was file a complaint. It was the actions of my town council and specific members of the city council that brought everything to where it is now.

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