I Figure This Is the End Game

Last Tuesday night, April 16th- around 9 pm- a chemical smell came in through a open window in my office- which is located directly beside the rural highway which is a few feet away- filling both my office and bedroom.

The smell had an unusual and strong chemical scent to it- with a heavy ammonia quality to it. I got out of bed to investigate- shutting the window and going back to bed.

Later that night- around 3 am- I woke to my throat and sinuses on fire.  I have been incredibly sick since.

My neighbor across the street informed me the next day that he was taking the garbage out around the same time and that the strong smell came out of nowhere and dissipated just as quickly.

I have seen a doctor since- who put me on antibiotics that haven’t helped much at all- and it is Easter and I am incredibly sick still.

Coincidently I had just had a conversation with Fiona Barnett a day or so before where I remarked that during the past three years they have been attacking me with their Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)- which, funny enough- began at Eastertime- March 2016, I hadn’t had so much as a cold.

The chemical that came into my window last Tuesday changed that.

I am battling the CIA trying to expose my family’s involvement with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s, commonly known as the Franklin Credit Scandal. 

I am far from the only one they have tried to silence. Anyone who has honestly tried to expose this has ended up dead.

Like Seth Rich, who was ALSO from Omaha.  My guess is that Rich knew about Franklin Credit (most people from Omaha DO know about it to some degree or another) so considering that Franklin Credit was reported to go straight to the Regan /Bush White House – it seems that the Republicans had FAR more reason to kill him than the Democrats. Which may explain why several in the Republican party jumped at the chance to claim the Democrats had Rich murdered.

It’s called “projection”. Controlling the narrative so that no one questioned the truth.

Regardless – considering how sick I am since that chemical came in my windows and that it is getting worse by the day- I figure none of this will matter for me much longer. 

However – it- like everything else- is in God’s hands. I’ve done what I can to try and expose my family’s crimes and so I face no regrets. I don’t believe the same can be said who have done nothing but attack me these many years- nor those who turned a blind eye to this mess.

My conscience is free. I’ve done all that I could.  Regardless of what happens to me now.

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