There is More To These Raging Wildfires Than What We Are Being Told

Regarding these fires breaking out- if you listen to and believe Dutchsinse- the fact that earthquakes have broken out around volcanoes which directly have caused fires eight times in the past two years denotes that this is beyond coincidence.

He speaks about this around the 19 mark on this video.

I realize that PG&E came out and immediately claimed responsibility for the fire in Northern California- but this fact, in my opinion, is suspicious.

When has a corporation EVER willingly taken responsibility for any mishap they have caused- opening themselves up for massive lawsuits?

Many are claiming these fires are being caused by the directed energy weapons (DEW) which is strange considering there is another group claiming there are no such weapons.

However- claiming that these fires are a result of DEW does two things: 1). It puts the perception these fires are a result of man into this misconception that man is in control- rather than God or nature.

And 2). It prevents mass fear that there are horrible consequences to the Ring of Fire heating up- which is obviously the case considering how many volcanoes are exploding- including those that haven’t erupted in 1000’s of years.

I am obviously not saying that these directed energy weapons don’t exist- as they have been trying to murder me with them since a year ago last March for trying to get my family investigated for being involved with child trafficking along with a myriad of other crimes.

I’m just saying I believe they are not the result of these devastating fires.

And what is causing them is BEYOND mankind’s control.

And lastly- I believe that our powers that be and lying to us- which really should come to NOONE’S surprise.

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