These CA Wildfires are NOT a Result of Their Directed Energy Weapons

There is this idea going around that these California wild fires are a result of their DEW bs and that the Rothschilds are behind it but this is not true.

Each one of these fires broke out around volcanoes that had earthquakes. You can watch Dutchsinse to see the truth of this- around the 36 mark of this video…

Besides- do you think that the Rothschilds were behind our US Air Force going in front of Congress in 2006 and telling them they had these weapons and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they are safe?

Are the Rothschilds behind the myriads of people claiming they are part of a targeted campaign?

Which American citizens do you believe they were speaking about when they claimed they were going to use their DEW bs on them?

This claim that these California Wild Fires are a result of their directed energy weapons are a lie to make people believe in the power of man instead of God’s power.

Why? Because all of this is a Sign of the Times and it forfeits their perceived power.

The Rothschilds are NOT behind my own targeting. Of course they are claiming I am lying about being targeted- but then they claim EVERYONE who says they are being targeted is crazy or a liar.

Of course they never say who they planned to target when they told Congress they were planning to use their weapons on American citizens.

And considering they said this in 2006 and now- 12+ yrs later- they are denying the existence of these weapons that they are already on record saying exist- how safe do you think they are? If they were so safe- don’t you think they would proclaim them to the entire world?

Regardless- they aren’t the cause of these CA wild fires. With just a little research- this is easily discernible.

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