I Am Being Targeted for Trying to Expose My Family for Being Involved with Child Trafficking

They wish to discredit me in order to prevent anyone from looking into my family who were involved with adbucting, selling, and killing children in Omaha NE.

My father may be dead- but his co conspirator – my step mother- is still alive- along with their two children. Other family members, who have been involved with a myriad of crimes- are also still very much alive.

I have dealt with not only being attacked with directed energy weapons, but have also been gang stalked.

This is pretty easy to see if you type my name into the YouTube search bar and see the myriad of disparaging videos desperately trying to discredit me.

And if you Google my name- you can also see the concerted effort they are taking to disparage me.

But this is also happening not just online but also in “real” life- (not that social media doesn’t have a real effect on a person’s life).

In Seattle- I got several death threats- which I forwarded to the Algona WA police- specifically Officer Gilbert Lungren.

I also had a protection order taken out against me- although the 15 or so videos that were listed on that order had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but SOLEY and ONLY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves.

Directly after moving back to Iowa- I continued to recieve harassing and threatening emails. All of which I believe were sent from Doug Mesner.

I was told someone had already been set up to help them and attack me before I even arrived here, all of which I forwarded to my local Sherriff’s dept.

Funny enough- my city clerk- who informed me she had moved to my town three years previous and yet had no friends- befriended me before I even left Seattle.

I ended up trusting her enough to give her keys to my house after arriving.

I say this because soon after I moved into town- I began to experience break ins. But during this time- I was receiving emails detailing what was to occur BEFORE it would happen.

So obviously I was told the truth of someone helping my stalkers in my town- unless you believe they were psychic and could forsee the future.

Just recently- I had to go to court HERE to fight over my dogs- although the town council had approved them eight months ago when I moved here.

This happened because of supposed complaints against them- all of which were anonymous.

And who submitted these complaints? None other than the city manager who had befriended me. Who ALSO appeared in court to testify against me.

The thing is- although the city had approved of my dogs eight months previous- they tried to now charge me with a crime.

The reason for this is- due to the protection order- and the charge that I had violated it- (which was ALSO a set up)- I can’t commit any crimes for a year.

So they did their best to try and get me convicted for a crime for having my dogs- although they were approved eight months previous by the very town council who had approved them.

And all of this is public. You only have to contact the Shelby County Court House in Harlan, IA to get a copy of the transcripts, as they are available to the public.

And for those who wish to read the protection order hearings- contact the Kent, WA court house and the Pacific, WA court house for the hearing about the violation- all of which are ALSO public.

THIS is the kind of harassment I have gone through.

They want to silence me and stop me from trying to expose my family- thus the ring my family was/is connected too.

And they will use anyone they can and will do whatever underhanded thing they can think of to achieve their objective.

However, the difference between MY case and others they have done this too is that there is an extensive paper trail showing what I am speaking about.

And what they have tried to do with me they have ALSO done to others- using the court system to silence anyone they feel may be a threat to exposing them.

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