The Darkness Is Making Mankind Authentic

This rise in Nazis, families slaughtering each other, the hatred and derision we are watching- this is all happening because of the Darkness that has enveloped mankind.

The Luciferians that were such a part of my childhood always have planned to “break into” Heaven- take it over- and burn it down. Sounds delusional but no one has ever said that devil lovers were the most sensible or rational.

I mean- how mentally healthy can it be to ritually murder people- esp children- in order to give tribute to the Devil.

They built CERN in order to use it as some sort of “Stargate” to facilitate this madness- which is why they built a statue of Kali in order to commemorate their achievement. (Kali is the Indian goddess of chaos and destruction).

However- they failed to get into Heaven- but brought forth the Darkness instead.

Now what we are seeing is the Darkness taking over- making people authentic.

What has truly been within themselves is now coming to the surface for all to see.

The Darkness is here to claim it’s own. It is compelling people to rise to greater and greater atrocities as we can only be judged by what we DO.

Not by what we think- or how we feel- but ONLY by what we do and the intent behind our actions.

It is part of the process mankind is going through- separating the wheat from the chaff.

We are fighting spiritual principalities. Many have lost faith in God- only believing in themselves. This is ALSO part of the process.

The issue the Luciferians have is that they don’t truly serve demons- but rather themselves. Their ONLY loyalty in fact is to themselves.

They wish to bring forth hell on earth- which they believe they are going to rule as “God’s”- and are working diligently to achieve their objectives.

Look around- you can see it plainly. Mankind is in hell right now and there is little hope of it getting any better.

The only way to fight what is happening is to love all that you can. Help every one you can- care about those less fortunate- get involved with those who need your help.

Live the Word.

It has nothing to do with church- or Christians. Fact is- most so called Christians are fake. They are nothing more than judgemental loud mouth hypocrites and they in no way represent God or the Word.

Have faith in Love as the Word IS love.

Don’t let these devil lovers force you to stray from the true path. Their way ONLY leads to the aybss and they will do whatever they can to envelope as many as they can in their misery.

They only wish to rule you so do yourselves a favor and follow your hearts and love as much as you can.

In the end- this is the only way to save yourselves.

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