If I Was Simply Seeking Attention I Would Have Stuck With My Artwork

Coming forward to try and expose my family for being involved with child trafficking in Omaha was NOT about needing attention.

If I had a need for attention I would have simply stuck with my artwork and quilting.

There is a lot of gossip going on- trying to vilify me- but I have faced overwhelming odds doing what I have trying to expose this mess- and I did so because God compelled me to do so.

Trying to do the right thing is difficult- way more than joining with and helping a bunch of child traffickers who are hurting children- and there certainly is more honor in what I’m doing than those trying to defame me.

Crazy people are unable to do what I do. And if I wanted attention- again I would have stayed solely with my artwork.

Most people like it and, more to the point, no one hates me for it.

That is the reason why the person who broke into my house primarily stole a myriad of my fabric and ALL of my quilt batting- because I intend to start a business doing my art so that I can get off social security and the pedophile protection squad doesn’t want me to do anything that may benefit myself.

Just to prove myself- this is my newest finished piece- just finished a few days ago…

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