This Child Trafficking Issue is Huge So NO ONE is Going to be THE ONE to Break It

This mess has been happening for a long time- headed by our government and the CIA and fueled and promoted by Hollywood- as each part works in conjunction with each other.

Although Michael Aquino is a key figure in this- he does not solely control it. There are MYRIADS of people involved- as it is a multigazillion dollar enterprise – as child trafficking is only one aspect to this mess. The black market organ trafficking aspect is ALSO a huge money maker- as well as prostitution and forced labor enterprises.

You get rid of one- like Aquino- there are a hundred or more people waiting in line to profit from these abominations.

So it is going to take ALL of us to fight against this. We together are THE ONE.

So if you come across someone who is claiming to be THE ONE – you can rest assured that they are doing what they are for their own egos and are NOT being as altruistic as they want to appear.

We ALL must be heroes in this- we are ALL responsible for bringing an end to this- and choosing to follow a false prophet is NOT going to negate our personal responsibility with regards to this.

No one is going to be THE ONE – and my suggestion is that you honestly evaluate any who claim they are.

It will take ALL of us and NOTHING is going to change that. And in the end- we will all be held accountable for our choices.

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