John B. Wells is Now Attacking Fiona Barnett

I am BY FAR not the only victim of this mess that the opposition is trying to silence.

They murdered Max Spiers for trying to expose Michael Aquino and this mess concerning the mass killing of children with the SAME weapons they are trying to murder me with.

Lori King was murdered and they went so far as to brag about it to other survivors with absolutely NO consequences.

Coming Clean With My Investigation into the Murder of Lori King

Now John B. wells- host of “Caravan to Midnight” is attacking Fiona Barnett and other survivors in a new interview.

My own personal reward for going on the John B. Wells show was that an “unsolvable” 28 yr old cold case that my father was directly involved with- that I spoke extensively about on his show- was magically “solved” in LESS than two weeks complete with a perp (who was NEVER charged with the abduction and murder), a confession, and a “body” which no one saw. All in order to discredit what I reported on the “Caravan to Midnight” show.

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