This Is What I Have Been Trying to Get Investigated for 17 Years

This is the extended version of my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story.

Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist

The difference between these two books is that the extended version is about 130,000 words and Rabbit Hole, with everything that was cut out and added is about 64,000 words.

This is why they are trying to shut me up. Why they are trying to take my emotional support dogs from me and why they have been trying to kill me with their directed energy weapons. Why they hacked and removed my access to my Google account to prevent me from making more YouTube videos, and why a nobody like me has so many articles and videos mocking and discrediting me.

My family was involved with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80’s and this is why they are fighting me so hard to keep this from being investigated.

But here is the complete version of everything I wrote. I believe that children matter and that to traffick and abuse children is wrong and I directly oppose those who believe that the status quo of all of this is acceptable and that no one should rock the boat with concerns to all of this.

We need to take a stand against evil and not condone it- no matter what promises of reward are offered for our complicity. I also believe those who do otherwise will suffer the very darkness they seek to protect and serve.

But as always- the choice is ours to make. And that choice defines who we are more than anything else.

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