The FBI Uses MKUltra Symbolism to Try and Shut Down Survivors

With everything that is going on in America today, it seems to the FBI that the most pressing issue is a pair of shoes.

Strange, isn’t it?

However- I believe there is more to this story than most people realize.

This issue of child trafficking is being exposed more and more every day and survivors who were abused in their MKUltra programming programs are beginning to come forward in mass.

Working within symbolism that children could understand- The Wizard of Oz played a key role in this programming.

Certain symbolism was to bring up key thoughts and images to those programmed by this mess.

Think of the movie Clockwork Orange.

So what’s next? Is the FBI going to report that found Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole (as this story was ALSO a big part of our programming)? Or the mirror?

Perhaps they are going to report they arrested the Hatter?

Anything they can think of to trigger victims and shut us down I guess.

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