Coming Clean With My Investigation into the Murder of Lori King

First off- I was wrong.

Lori King DID NOT die in a motel room- but in a house that is owned by Amber Vallotton, this supposed famous “lettuce lady” who lives there with her husband- and who has a 20 minute video about her fabulous pioneering “lettuce lady” experience with growing fabulous lettuce…

This Amber Vallotton is actually the very same person I met PERSONALLY, not as Amber but rather as Menagerie- at the first Ivory Garden Conference in October in Seattle in 2014.

If you watch the video- in my opinion there is NO WAY this person is a woman- not with his Adams apple and his hairy- HUGE ass arms- and yet that is what everyone is supposed to believe.

I suppose it could be a woman- but at this SAME conference when we met- he/she/it and Lori King convinced a bunch of women to go with them on a “site seeing” tour- ended up “lost” and one of the women totally screwed her ankle up. Now, according to some of the women there- Menagerie/Amber- whatever- reached down, picked this woman up- who HAD to have weighed more than 350 lbs- because although she was totally sweet as can be she was a BIG girl- and carried her to another spot entirely. Sounds great and very heroic- but I- AS A LARGE 6’3 MAN- could not have done that, let alone with the ease that Menagerie reportedly did.

And although I have taken some heat for saying this- my impression of Menagerie is that “he looked like a bulldozer in a dress”.

Now this “lettuce lady” is quite impressive online- has a Ph.D, teaches at Virginia Tech, has won awards for this new way to grow lettuce, etc. etc. etc. and her Facebook account was made in 1999. She seems well established and totally respectable- but let me point out a few things wrong with this- and why I believe it to be a total facade.

Now Amber seems QUITE established- and extremely busy- so my question is why was this award winning business owner- teacher at Virginia Tech, the mother of growing lettuce- driving 3 states away to pick up Lori King, drive her back 3 states to her house, only to turn around and drive 3 states to take Lori King BACK- and then drive the 3 states back to go home REPEATEDLY. Once- it isn’t a big deal- but over and over and over? And Lori King JUST HAPPENED TO DIE IN HER HOUSE.

How did Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever have the time- what with it’s amazing “lettuce lady” life?

Interesting thing about this Facebook account it has- it was set up in 1999, when Facebook wasn’t even close to what it is now- but the posts, just from the limited amount of what I could see- are what you would see today. How is it that there is such completeness on a program that was JUST beginning?

Also- the MAJORITY of her 500+ friends are all past members of the Ivory Garden survivor forum but what is MOST interesting to me is that this “lettuce lady”- who I JUST became aware of- whose last name I JUST got the spelling for THIS MORNING- has me- and my Facebook account- BLOCKED.

Interesting that someone I didn’t supposedly know- whose circles I never have knowingly come in contact with- not as Amber Vallotton anyway- knows about me and actually has me blocked on her account.

How does this award winning Ph.D university instructor pioneering “lettuce lady” even know who I am- and what made her manually block me on Facebook? Considering everything- this transcends coincidence in such a way that is just too obvious to ignore.

And what I know about the survivor community is that it is full of people- mostly women- who are the most demanding, needy, and impatient group I have ever dealt with- so how is it that this “lettuce lady” has so much time to give the survivor community? I mean, she showed up at the first Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation conference in Seattle in 2014- has made 100’s of friends with the members of the Ivory Garden support forum, and has QUITE the reputation in the community itself- so OBVIOUSLY she is involved.

So how does it find the time?

I mean-Amber- who was going by Menagerie at the time, even stormed the stage with Lori King, interrupting Colin Ross’s presentation, so they could introduce themselves and give roses to Pat Goodwin, founder of Ivory Garden and the one who, sole handedly, set up and hosted the conference. Of course- Amber- also went to the microphone and mistakingly declared to the crowded room that it and Lori would be taking over the Ivory Garden support forum after the conference- (which I now find mystifying considering it is such a well-known and award winning Ph.D. University teaching “lettuce lady” professor), so, needless to say, it was an unforgettable fiasco.

Also, I find it peculiar that in Amber Vallottor’s extensive repertoire, it doesn’t say ONE WORD about its AMAZING dedication to the survivor community- although it lists every other achievement- (and there are many). Funny how all of THAT has been conveniently omitted- especially when you consider the dedication that has been given from Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever, I mean- why wouldn’t it be mentioned somewhere- anywhere- but it’s NOT.

I mean, she is so involved in the community that when she reaches out to survivors, she is well known to send them stuffed animals and little gifts to their homes- and this has happened A LOT- with A LOT of survivors- EVERY ONE OF THEM IN FACT.

In other words, she has been working on accessing AS MANY SURIVORS AS SHE CAN- so how can “Amber” do this AND still lead her amazing “lettuce lady” life?

Now Indian Valley, Virginia has the SAME THING in common as the resort that Anton Scalia was murdered at- and that is that it is in the middle of nowhere and is far away from the rest of the population. I am enclosing a picture of a map of Indian Valley- to show you how isolated it is. So much so that it prevented Lori King from having cell phone service- or at least that is what Lori complained to her friends about the repeated times she visited the house in which she was found dead-after Amber showed up and demanded Lori go with her.

Indian valley

In fact, from what I was told, Menagerie/Amber was actually quite aggressive with Lori- according to her friends- which ALSO included physical abuse from what I understand. In fact- the LAST TIME Lori went with Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever- she told witnesses she was scared of Amber/Menagerie- and EVEN reached out to Pat, although they were estranged at the time, through an obscure website that was the only one Pat hadn’t blocked her from and only because she didn’t realize that anyone could SEND messages on it, where Lori stated that she was AFRAID of Menagerie/Amber.

Yes, Lori ended up going with her- but the fact that they left RIGHT AFTER her husband made a quick run to the store to get something for Lori- who had JUST had surgery – and Menagerie/Amber was known to be aggressive AND that Lori never made it home but rather DIED in AMBER’S house- should logically raise some suspicion. Menagerie aka Amber aka whatever was WELL KNOWN by Lori’s friends- to be a bully and not take no for an answer, which Lori often complained to them about.

Coincidentally- Lori King died Sunday, October 18th- 2015- which ALSO happened to be the last day of Ivory Garden’s SECOND conference. And Lori was the SECOND of the original Ivory Garden founders to wind up dead.

I believe that Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever is working for the CIA- just like her friend and partner online- Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- satanic founder of the Satanic Temple.

They are actively rounding up survivors- searching them out on the internet- because it is well known that what happened in the UK- with them getting caught in covering up the same type of allegations from their survivors there red handed- could easily happen here in America with all of the survivors unless they can control or get rid of us- and judging by Lori King- THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

When you look Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever up- on the surface she looks great- and EVERY LITTLE THING about her is SO professional- but it is so overreaching that it proves this Amber person is FAKE.

No one like the Amber persona being presented is going to have the time to do what it has been doing in the survivor community and still have time to lead it’s AMAZING “lettuce lady” life. It is just not going to happen- there is only so much time in a day and something like what is being presented would take COMPLETE focus to build and maintain so there is no way this “lettuce lady” could do that AND spend the time it spends in the survivor community.

And why was this Ph.D. amazing award winning successful business owner who is pioneering the growth of lettuce university professor spending so much time with Lori King- going back and forth through 3 states to retrieve her and take her back-when Lori was a high school dropout?

What DID they have in common exactly?

None of this amazing “lettuce lady” life makes sense when you consider the time that was involved with what happened with Menagerie/Amber and Lori King ALONE –(the trips, the CONSTANT hours long phone calls, and all of the other weird things that were going on), not to mention all of the time and energy and effort this Menagerie aka Amber aka whatever has spent rounding up everyone who has been on the Ivory Garden support forum, going to survivor conferences, and doing all of the crap I know it has done just in the years that I have been aware of it.

And all of this is completely disregarding the INORDINANT amounts of time it has spent arguing with Pat Goodwin and I on Amazon with its little group- complete with Misicko/Mesner/Satanist Lucien Greaves- for years on books like Sybil Exposed and 22 Faces- where there are literally 100s of 100,000s of posts in the years we have fought.

Yes, they went under anonymous names, but having dealt with them as long as we have- I can tell their writing styles, and without a doubt I believe it is them.

Besides, judging by their many aliases, it is pretty obvious they have absolutely NO PROBLEM lying about who they are- and actually it has been my personal experience that there is absolutely NOTHING Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever and Doug Misiscko aka Doug Mesner aka Satanist Lucien Greaves WON’T lie about.

If they tell you its sunny- chances are you should grab your umbrella.

So how does this “lettuce lady” find the time to live her amazing award winning “lettuce lady” life AND do what it does in the survivor community?

(And by survivor community- I am speaking primarily with those suffering from DID, extreme trauma, and governmental abuse).

I mean- yeah- this Amber “lettuce lady” online profile is amazing-totally professional and completely unassuming, but WHERE DOES it find the time to do all of what it does?

Discovering that Lori King was murdered in a house- AMBER’S/MENAGERIE’S HOUSE- and NOT in a motel room- has changed the scope of everything for me- because NOW I can’t help but wonder EXACTLY HOW MANY PEOPLE have been hurt in this house besides Lori King.

And there isn’t just one house involved in this mess- because as I dug deeper, I discovered that there are TWO properties that are connected to Amber Vallotton- and BOTH OF THEM are JUST LIKE the ranch that Anton Scalia was murdered at-totally isolated and far far away from anything and anyone.

Yeah- the police are reportedly looking into this- but I, from VAST personal experience, trust this about as far as I can spit- and I can’t spit. Not that I have any issues whatsoever with the inspector that is looking into this- but I have seen how it works, and so I would be a fool to have any faith in the system.

It is the INFORMATION that “they”- whoever “they” are- want to prevent from coming out- and so that is EXACTLY what I am going to offer out.

This mess ISN’T a conspiracy theory- it is REAL- and Lori King, in death, now has the chance to do what she could never really do in this life-and that is making a lasting change in all of this mess. Her death holds the key to breaking this all apart and showing what is happening with all of this TODAY in America.

These people SUCK more than I could ever articulate- and they are HURTING and KILLING people- ESP. CHILDREN. And they are ALL CONNECTED WITH OUR GOVERNMENT.

Will you really just look away and tell yourselves that none of this matters? Really? Because if that is so, you really need to take a hard and brutally honest look at just who you are as a person, and just admit that you are as BIG a part of the problem as they are.

Do what you will, say what you may. The only thing I can say is may God have mercy on your souls, as well as those whose lives will be lost because of your unwillingness to get involved and help.

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