Russia Is Being Blamed For the Directed Energy Weapons Used at the Cuban and Chinese Embassies

First these weapons were conspiracy theories. Then these attacks were blamed on what could only be considered magic. NOW they are real- but being blamed on Russia.

However- the United States owns every patent concerning these weapons- and they have been deploying them for some time.

In 2006- NBC reported that the US Air Force went in front of Congress and said these weapons existed and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

Then skip to 2012 and we have Aaron Alexis who carved ELF (electro low frequency) on his rifle before killing a bunch of people in a shipyard- giving him the name the “Ship Yard Shooter”. He claimed he was being terrorized with these weapons.

Here is a sample of the patents the US has concerning these directed energy weapons:

USP# 6,488,617 (12/03/2002) A method and device for producing desired brain states.

USP# 6,239,705 (05/29/2001) Intra oral electronic tracking device

USP# 6,091,994 (07/18/2000) Pulsating manipulation of nervous systems.

USP# 6,052,336 (04/18/2000) Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier.

USP# 5,539,705 (07/23/1996) Ultrasonic speech translator and communication system for converting radio frequencies and audio signals to the human mind.

USP# 5,507,291 (04/16/1996) Method of manipulating associated persons emotional state remotely.

USP# 5,159,703 (10/27/1992) Silent subliminal presentation system (Look up Silent Sound Spread Spectrum on YouTube)

USP# 5,017,143 (05/21/1991) Method and apparatus for producing subliminal images- causing hallucinations

USP# 4,877,027 (10/31/1989) Remote hearing system

USP# 3,951,135 (04/20/1976) Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and alternating brain waves

USP# 6,506,148 (01/14/2003) Manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors.

And here is an interview I did with another targeted individual- Spence Everson- as we discuss in detail these weapons…

These weapons cause insomnia- preventing people from sleeping at all. Nausea, drastic weight loss, traumatic brain injury, heart attacks, and strokes. And long term exposure- if you live long enough as some of us have- get weird cancers.

For some of these weapons they use a strange metallic looking black mold- which I found on rocks with their tops exposed and on the top of my air conditioner vents. The pedophile protection squad will dismiss this- claiming I said they were ‘talking rocks’- which is a lie to distract from me pointing out this “mold” that seemed to amplify these weapons.

But their constant lies about these weapons- that first they don’t exist and now that they are being used by Russia- shows that they are trying to cover up their existence so they can use them in secret. And why is that? Because they are torture devices that are in NO WAY safe.

Lastly- why are they being used against me? Simply because I have wanted my family being investigated for their involvement with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s. Yet ANOTHER criminal activity they are trying to keep secret.

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