Two Key Players Who Were Running Boys for Alan Baer in Omaha in the 80’s Were Glen and John Winslow

Taking a break from Doug Mesner and his constant BS concerning the Hester’s and my family in general- I want to talk about two key figures who helped Alan Baer with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80’s- the Winslow twins Glenn and John.

Both had rap sheets as long as my brother Stephen- and both were “running boys” for Alan Baer.

Back in the 80’s- there was a gay area in downtown Omaha called the “Run”- which included the Greyhound bus station and surrounded the city jail. It was where the prostitution of boys- most of them underage- took place out in the open. This was around the corner and up a couple blocks from the downtown Omaha police station where accused pedophile Chief of Police Robert Wadman worked.

Glenn and John sought out young boys for Alan Baer throughout town and would bring them to his apartment at 2J at the Twin Towers or his penthouse at the Brandeis building downtown.

And they were well paid for this service.

I am not sure what ever happened to Glenn- but John died in prison of AIDS. He was sent there after being convicted of molesting an under age boy.

These two were big players in the world of Alan Baer.

I just want to end this post by pointing out that it was the Republican party that was called out as being involved with the child trafficking- mostly of boys- in Omaha in the 80’s- which was reported by our national media at the time.

Call boys leading right up to George Bush Sr.s White House were generally part of the lurid headlines. A male prostitute named Jeff Gannon was part of this mess- although the spin that he was the abducted boy Johnny Gosch was used to distract from the fact that no one knew who this male prostitute was- where he came from- how he got into the press room at the White House- or why George Bush Sr. always seemed to offer him the first question during White House press briefings.

I bring the Winslow twins up because I am curious if Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka IEATBABIES aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves aka (his REAL name Doug Misicko), in his obsession with me- will try to contradict what I have reported on them; and more curious as to how.

Chances are he will ignore it- change the subject- and try to make it all about me.

But for those of you who are. Interested- Glenn and John Winslow are DEFINITELY worth checking out.

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