LOL- Now That They No Longer Call Me “He Who Must Not Be Named”- Hoaxtead Research Is Chasing After My Tail

I just wrote that the UK got busted covering up allegations of extreme child abuse yesterday and today Hoaxtead just republished an article “How the SRA Myth Infected Westminster”- indicating to me that they are being driven by what I said.

I mean I JUST posted about it yesterday- listing their website- and their article they published as a response today was first published by them in October 2017.

Of course- doing as they always do- they blamed their legal system being ” infected” with the claims of SRA on one person. And the UK never once said the claims were bogus THIS time- just they were “historical” and that they didn’t want to spend the money investigating old men.

However it is amusing how they believe one person is so powerful that they can ” infect” the minds of all of their law makers.

Maybe it was that one person who ALSO completely infected the minds of two other countries (30 years earlier)- the US and Australia,who also- at the VERY SAME TIME in the 80’s- had the exact same allegations come forth that came out in the UK as well.

The same claims the UK got busted covering up the FIRST time.

Quite the power for one man. Power they don’t seem to have as it obviously takes all of them- as anonymous posters- to fight against their perception that this one man was able to cause a worldwide “mass delusion” . Maybe that is why they are so focused on me- because they believe I have that power.

I mean they HAVE referred to me in the past as “He Who Must Not Be Named” . But I am not sure whether to feel complimented that they believe I am some sort of “Valdemort” or just shake my head at the ridiculous notion stemming from their paranoia.

But one thing is incredibly evident- they are MOST interested in what I am doing and saying. I have never ONCE stated I don’t check them out but their group has often said no one bothers or cares what I have to say. Judging by their actions today- it seems that is (to no one’s surprise- let alone mine)- a LIE, as they obviously do.

I just wanted to point that out. And chuckle a little bit.

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