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Dutchsinse- July 23- Earthquakes Increasing Across the Board- Major Unrest- Be Prepared

As you can tell from the video and the comments beneath- “Big Brother” is watching and he doesn’t much care for the truth. If I remember right- this was listed as a major “sign of the times” so it seems to me God is answering Heaven’s promises. This info is too important not to share…

LOL- Now That They No Longer Call Me “He Who Must Not Be Named”- Hoaxtead Research Is Chasing After My Tail

I just wrote that the UK got busted covering up allegations of extreme child abuse yesterday and today Hoaxtead just republished an article “How the SRA Myth Infected Westminster”- indicating to me that they are being driven by what I said. I mean I JUST posted about it yesterday- listing their website- and their article […]