About My Brother Stephen Wesley Shurter

Two things stuck with me about what Mesner wrote about my brother. First he wouldn’t mention his name and the second was that he made a point to say he was homeless.

When you hear someone is homeless- you assume they don’t have anything. After my brother died- I have to admit that I assumed the same thing until I spoke to my late sister Cindy’s daughter Melissa.

I remarked that he had died with nothing and she told me “you would be surprised at the things he had when he died” . It was that comment- and how she said it- that made me curious.

My brother was always in and out of jail throughout his life. His wife Jenny went to prison for having sex with underage boys. And my brother Stephen and my sister Cindy were very close- as he lived with her and her family the Hester’s often throughout his life.

The same family that is working diligently with Mesner to try and shut me up. The same family that dealt with whatever my brother had when he died- as it was THEY who were around him when he passed.

This could explain why Mesner is working so close with them. Why he refused to say my brother’s name- and why he made it a point to say he was homeless. Of course he did this with one of his many aliases- this time as Justin Sanity. But it was Mesner- working in conjunction with Cindy’s kids- nonetheless.

But this explains why and gives motive. Both my sister Cindy and my brother Stephen stayed with and supported our fathers activities until he died. Cindy’s family has just carried on with the family tradition.

And Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves aka IEATBABIES aka (his REAL name Doug Misicko) is doing all he can to protect that tradition all the while obsessively claiming it isn’t real and doesn’t exist.

What no one knows for certain concerning this fact is WHY? What’s his motive? His REAL motive?

I mean- it isn’t like he doesn’t have a non for profit connection with children himself with his “Satanic after-school daycare program” because he does. Scary thought considering he goes out of his way to discredit other’s abuse as children.

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