Just Another Example of the HoaxteadResearch Psych Ops Operation

So Angela Power-Disney- as I have said- it working DIRECTLY with Hoaxtead. How? It is easy to see…

She does all of this stupid shit- which Hoaxtead THEN reports to everyone. Like THIS example- which was on their site JUST TODAY…


So why would someone who is REALLY fighting to expose this child abuse issue post a picture with them sitting with the MASCOT of this abuse- KNOWING that Hoaxtead is following her every footstep and reporting on her EVERY misdeed?

Because this is a psych ops operation- being used in the SAME way McMartin was used in the 80’s here in the states. They are hoping to use Disney to discredit the WHOLE mess. If SHE is a fraud- then it means it is ALL a fraud.

Much like the Podesta emails- which, let me remind everyone- came AFTER Assange got his picture taken with his hand over his heart. (There is a video to that picture though. He was saying the pledge of allegiance when they SHOT him). NOW all we have seen is Assange on video. NO peeks out the window- NOTHING to PROVE he is still alive. And that goes for Edward Snowden as well. NO PUBLIC APPEARANCES- just video. Ever heard of CGI?

I believe the Podesta emails are FAKE. They have been designed so that when THEY come out as fake- it ALL will be claimed to be fake. Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile High club- the ranch that Anton Scalia was murdered at- the Bohemian Grove- ALL will be vindicated with this tactic, or at least that is what they are hoping anyway.

They have SENT idiots in to make noise and get attention- so that the opposition can point out what frauds they are. They claim that people like Angela Power-Disney- Sabine McNeil- Kevin Annett- are all LEADERS of this survivor movement- when really all they are is controlled opposition being used to make ALL survivors look like idiots. And people are falling for it- just as they did with McMartin.

At least HoaxteadResearch is using my name now- and has stopped referring to me as some sort of Valdemort- calling me “He who cannot be named”. But I am NOT working with ANY of these people.

They will say shit about me whenever they can- but they simply REFUSE to answer my three simple questions…

Since we all know that the UK covered up their child abuse allegations in the 80s as this is now a PROVEN FACT-

1.) What were the allegations?
2.) Who was involved?
3.) And why- if these claims were so bogus- was there so much time, money and effort put into making these allegations go away? If they were so bogus- why bother?

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