Donald Trump’s Impending Assassination

People don’t like Trump- he has no REAL friends- and the man is so narcissistic that he really WANTS to be liked. I don’t like the man- BUT I have been amazed at his what has happened to him of late. Yeah- some of the stuff sucks, like his cabinet and all of that- but that is PENCE- who is doing EVERYTHING for Trump with that- as they have openly said.

With that said- this is my prediction… Because the media is already feeding us with reports of assassination threats- I think they are going to take out Trump. PENCE is the Order’s choice- NOT Trump.

BUT- Trump is about to become a hero. He is going to do what we need because he wants us to like him. He is changing…right before our eyes. Getting the presidency is changing the man- it already has. I don’t believe he actually believed he would win. And that has had an effect on him. I think he is actually going to HELP us- because out of all of them- HE KNOWS US BEST. He has had to deal with us- way more than any of them- who live in a bubble of entitlement and wealth.

Not that he hasn’t- but where NONE of them have- he has had to deal with the average man all of his life. Yeah- he fucked a lot of them over- but then- REMEMBER- the man has a desperate need to be liked- and so he just did what all of THEM were doing- and he was HANGING WITH THEM- so he did what he did for acceptance. His rich and powerful friends were dirt bags- and he was trying to emulate them. I mean- we ARE who we hang with.

Now that focus has changed. Now he is the leader of the United States. Here we have a man who has to know that, up till now- he has been completely full of shit- who now actually has a chance to become AUTHENTIC. And now he has an actual choice- and the game has changed for him. He doesn’t really want to be Hitler now- although I think for a long time he did- but rather- I think he is beginning to wonder if he doesn’t have the capacity to actually be something MUCH different. And WAY Better- and not in the wrong ways.

Like they say- God works in mysterious ways.

And so, when they take him out- and the Order OBVIOUSLY IS PLANNING THIS- otherwise we wouldn’t have the media blitz about assassination threats- they have NO IDEA what they will start…

This ISN’T the 50’s- and we are even light years from were we were on September 11- so if they actually think they will pull this off- they are COMPLETELY misguided. But the darkness is here- feeding any and all who have darkness within their hearts- which is why we are seeing everyone freak out lately. They can’t help it. Everything- EVERYTHING- that has been in the dark is being brought out into the light. ALL of your secrets- and this goes for the ENTIRETY of mankind- are coming forth and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.

However- the truth shall set you free. Embrace love- embrace tolerance- NOT for sin- but for your yourselves as well as your fellow men, women, and children. DO as you were COMMANDED to do- and everything will stop and fall into place. There are MANY who already have this grace- and although they are afraid now- if they truly search their hearts they will realize that there is no fear when you truly have faith. Faith in Heaven- and most importantly- FAITH IN LOVE. Heaven is with us- all around us- and LOVES us- BUT it is DEMANDING we love and so we must do everything to strive for this. As THIS- and ONLY this- will stop your torment.

However- if you refuse- when the darkness makes itself known- and it IS about to make itself known, (as these days are over- as is this realm because Heaven is about to turn its gaze away from it and so all light is about to be banished- from this entire REALM), you will be claimed. Every one of us- and all that that is around us- every planet-every sun- EVERYTHING is already gone- and those who do not have the right energy frequency- that can ONLY be achieved by love- will be left behind here.

In the dark- separate from the gaze of Heaven- where you will remain for the EXACT length that the Fallen were banished here. And that is a VERY VERY long time. Oh and pain is ALSO what awaits you. Pain and torment. Which you will do to yourselves- asleep- in nightmares that will never stop.

Because what else can you eventually DO in absolute darkness but sleep. And as the darkness is feeding you now- here- it will be WORSE in its own realm.

But those who love will find yourselves on a new earth- completely restored to another garden of Eden. And this time- there are no Fallen angels and there is no veil- Heaven will interact with mankind at will and constantly. Everything that is dying here is waking UP there- and each breath you take- in a world were there is NO death- NO strife- NO sorrow- NO pain- will be filled with absolute joy. It is more amazing than ANYTHING you could think of in your BEST daydreams. And it will NEVER end.

So the choice is yours. If I were you- I would choose wisely- because I assure you- your very SOULS depend on it- and for those of you who are struggling with those concepts- I suggest you come up to speed FAST.

Because there are NO do overs- no excuses- no bargains- NOTHING that will save you if you find yourself in the darkness and PAIN AND ANGUISH will be what embraces you the very MOMENT you take your last breath here.

Love. It isn’t hard- and it has been commanded. Or suffer. Your choice…

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