The Satanic Ritual Abuse Case of Hampstead

For those of you who are unaware of the Hampstead case, it mirrors what we saw here in the States concerning the McMartin case back in the 80’s. These children have claimed that they were being abused by a bunch of elites who were doing satanic rituals on the children. The same type of cover-up that we saw here in the States is being waged in the UK right now- and it seems that the powers in charge are following the SAME playbook. My question surrounding it all is if it is all bogus- like their authorities claim, why is there so much effort in their legal system to gag anyone from talking about it and why are so many laws being passed to protect the accused? In fact, Europe right now is facing their leaders lowering the age of consent to 10 or below. And judging by what has happened, the cover up began the moment the case was reported. If these accusations are so bogus, why are so many leaders putting so much work into protecting themselves? IF THEY ARE LIES- WHY BOTHER?

(For those of you who still believe McMartin was a sham, you should check out the book “The Witch-Hunt Narrative” by a man named Cheit- who shows that justice concerning this case was COMPLETELY LACKING.)

First, lets start off with the children’s accusations…

Now anyone who has taught their kids to recite lines in a school play realizes how hard it is to get kids to parrot their lines, which begs the question- why are these two children SO FLUID in what they are saying? UK authorities are claiming that the kids were coached by their mother- but if that is the case, why are they so full of info- and info that NO ONE at their young age could come up with- let alone understand. They don’t seem to be lying AT ALL. And yet that is the case being presented against them and their claims.

Now- lets look at the official facts. Here is a link showing what many know as FACT…

Now, look at the website that has all the research on this case compiled…

In America, it was the ELITE and our POWERFUL who were being accused of heinous crimes. Hampstead is a place that is FULL of the same types of people. In fact, the below link is entitled “Hampstead is a place for the super rich”. Coincidence? There are too many to claim this. Looking closer- we are starting to see a PATTERN.

For those of you who don’t have time to read everything I have just posted- then check out this YouTube video- that details the facts that a cover-up is taking place…

Now for the coincidences…

How can it be dismissed as coincidence that all the places the children named have in the past 12 months undergone extensive renovations?

(This reminds me of the Antiquarium book store in Omaha NE were MANY claimed that there was a secret room where Tom- the owner- was having sex with underage boys. This place caught on fire, and yet there was NO MENTION of it on the news, even though the Old Market area is one of the exclusive places in Omaha. I believe, knowing what I do- that this fire was CAUSED, in order to burn away any DNA evidence of young boys that may have been there, and it was ALL kept quiet. Of course- I have video of the place AFTER the fire- so anyone who thinks this claim is bogus needs to check that video out.)

Another coincidence?

Then there was the swimming pool. Gabriel said that 50 cult members abused him in the disabled toilets. One of the police reports rejects that claim (claiming it disproves the case…..something like that….there is no way 50 adults could fit into the toilet so G is making it up). But when you look at photos of the disabled toilets they are massive – 50 adults could easily have fitted in to stand around watching the abuse. Does that make sense?

The Lido disabled toilets have also been changed, funny that because they didn’t need repair and yet it happened.

This is EXACTLY like what happened at McMartin- considering that a forensic archaeologist dig took place right after they demolished the preschool and the tunnels that the children spoke about were DISCOVERED, complete with dead animal bones and satanic relics. The question for me has always been- if these tunnels did exist- AND THE EVIDENCE SHOWS WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT THEY DID- why didn’t this come out in the court case, which stands today as the longest and most costly court case in American history.

And here is a point about the child porn that was claimed concerning Hampstead…

“Then there was the child pornography that the software offered when we searched for info about RD’s servers…..the software does not lie. Everyone was taken on to littleorgies site – now shut down.

Oh that RD child porn stuff should be a klaxon for everybody. Many claim to be haunted by that Pink page, the titles and ages of the children in the films he offered.”

Tunnels are involved with Hampstead as well- as this comment shows…

“The school keep delaying supplying the plans so we could see if the tunnels they denied were there and then supply newly drawn plans, a few weeks old, which as expected didn’t show tunnels, just like in the McMartin cover up.

But when VM, the man who made the YouTube video, looked into it he found the old Victorian plans and there were no tunnels. So people don’t think there are tunnels under the school, although there may be under the church, though. And Hampstead is ridden with tunnels.”

Also, there are concerns about the forensic linguistics on the Dearman interview.

Considering the fact that so many people were named, why if it was made up wouldn’t they have made it about one or two abusers? The logistics involved point to the fact that if you name so many people it would be easier to prove that one of them on one of the times the children told us about was elsewhere then case dismissed. Why didn’t the police check the locations via the mobiles to prove that Tricky and co weren’t at the school/baths/Mc D etc. when the children told us they were? A simple non-intrusive spread sheet of their locations could have shut this down if the children had lied.

It is also telling how close knit the abusers are, the fact they link again and again. Most people who have young children at school couldn’t have linked so many parents to the same interests, let alone a school that tiny.

And like all of the 1000’s of cases that happened in the States, with the exception of McMartin, the case was shut down the moment it was reported. It’s fascinating because the police never imagined that the material was going to be leaked.

Then there is the case that the Dearmans’ family, when considering the Goa connection, points to the accused as being child traffickers.

Lisa Dearman Valles is Ricky’s sister. The children name her and her husband and their children as abusers.

For those of you who wish to know more about this connection- you can do so at this link…

And the children describe so clearly the workings of an inter generational cult. Info They could not understand at that age, as most kids that age have no idea what a cult is, let alone how it works.

Then there is this- If two children provided statements, videos, drawings that you had raped them, killed babies etc, what do you think the chances are that the police wouldn’t bother even questioning you?

The only reason that Satanic Ritual Abuse could be dismissed as false is if you buy into the belief that a small army of children all over the world are evil masterminds with a master plan, working in unison without a single child breaking rank ever, now that’s far fetched. Much like claiming that the 1000’s of parents who came forward talking about their children being raped in preschools in America were all seeing therapists who had convinced EVERY ONE OF THEM of what the CIA led group False Memory Syndrome Foundation termed “false memories”. The accused were all innocent- the kids were all liars, and this was all caused by a bunch of therapists who were determined to start a “satanic panic”, another term coined by the False Memory people, for reasons that are STILL UNKNOWN to this day.

The flimsy lies that the cult use to discredit those who expose them is very telling, which have played out EXACTLY- TO A TEE, how it all played out in the States when all of our satanic crap came out. It is like they have an official playbook- because the SAME crap that happened here is playing out EXACTLY the same way over there.

Yes – and now we have “Hampstead the Blockbuster” to conceal the truth on the internet. Like HBO filming “Indictment: The McMartin Trial” in 1995 that made the accused out to be the victims of children who were lying and an over reaching justice system.

Then you have to consider that a church in Hampstead not only has the satanic artwork of Alister Crowley and Anton Levay hanging on its walls- but they also commonly show the videos that concern these two. Claiming that there is no worship being done concerning Satanists in Hampstead is a lie considering this fact.,_Hampstead

Then you have to consider the fact that since so many people were named, why wasn’t this looked into AT ALL. I mean, if it was made up, wouldn’t they have made it about one or two abusers? But the logistics involved point to the fact that if you name so many people it would be easier to prove that that the claims were bogus if one of them on one of the times the children told us about was elsewhere. This would have effectively then had case dismissed. But no such investigation, to this day- has ever been done. Why didn’t the police check the locations via the mobiles to prove that the accused weren’t at the school/baths/Mc D etc. when the children told us they were? A simple non-intrusive spread sheet of their locations could have shut this down if the children had lied. However- no such investigation has ever taken place. Instead, just like in America- officials claim that the children are liars and have done NOTHING but work to protect the accused as a result.

Then there is a REAL crime we uncovered. Like misfiling of addresses. RD and Vishal K scamming the EU database and pretending that their TV channel was in Aberdeen. Stuff like that.

For more info on this statement- look at…

This case is so fishy it defies words. And the fact that it mirrors EXACTLY what happened here in America in the 80’s, one has to wonder not only of the validity of this case- but the conclusions that were made here concerning the same types of accusations. Hampstead, in my opinion, is the case that could bring this house of cards falling down, and if we, as a society, choose to overlook the facts of this case- here and in the UK- we are doing ourselves, the children, and God a huge injustice.

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