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A New Interview I just Did 11/16/2015 brand new interview I just gave today- 11/16/2015 on my Abuse- the Hampstead Case – and what is facing ALL OF OUR CHILDREN as a whole. Please listen

Detective Sergent Talks about the Hampstead Case and concerning the school’s head- and a letter from the legal team….!Hampstead-Cover-Up-Perverting-the-Course-of-Justice-The-Royal-Courts-of-Justice-sets-a-precedent-that-Court-Orders-do-not-need-to-be-followed/c9i2/5647965d0cf2e1ca27988ecd

Article About a Teacher in Hampstead who Got Away with Sex Abuse of a Child

This is an article I was just sent about Hampstead….

The Satanic Ritual Abuse Case of Hampstead

For those of you who are unaware of the Hampstead case, it mirrors what we saw here in the States concerning the McMartin case back in the 80’s. These children have claimed that they were being abused by a bunch of elites who were doing satanic rituals on the children. The same type of cover-up […]