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Syrian Refugees Come to America- Even though We Have All Been Told By Our Government that The Majority of Them are Terrorists

So let me get this straight. The American government just tried to steal 180 Billion dollars out of Social Security so that we could fund a war with Syria- because it is full of terrorists who hate America and want to see us collapse, and yet, today- our government just brought 10,000 Syrian refugees into […]

About Trump and His Recent Comments About Carson

Considering that Trump is best friends with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein, we should realize he obviously knows a pedophile when he sees one. What should be surprising to all of us is the fact that Trump hasn’t made Carson his new BFF.

Sent to Me About Doug Misicko, aka Doug Mesner, aka Lucien Greaves- the Founder of the Church of Satan

“Mesner and Potti have been deceitful about a lot of things. They are suspicious about their ages. News reports have printed Potti’s age as 32 and 33, but a couple weeks ago, it was allegedly her birthday where she claimed to turn 27…. Mesner has allegedly lied about his actual age over the years too. […]