Sent to Me About Doug Misicko, aka Doug Mesner, aka Lucien Greaves- the Founder of the Church of Satan

“Mesner and Potti have been deceitful about a lot of things. They are suspicious about their ages. News reports have printed Potti’s age as 32 and 33, but a couple weeks ago, it was allegedly her birthday where she claimed to turn 27…. Mesner has allegedly lied about his actual age over the years too. If they’re doing stuff like this, who knows what other rumors may or may not be true.

They also push a women’s rights and feminist agenda. They feel Christians and Christian politics are at war with women. You will notice however that they don’t speak out against Islam. They actually want to befriend or appease the things that are going on with most of the Muslim culture. I will be called a bigot and an Islamaphob for even bringing up these facts. Correct me if I am wrong; but Islam isn’t the poster child of women’s rights or feminist issues.

The Satanic Temple received a few comments on their social media that were considered threats a few weeks before the statue event. The Temple sensationalized those threats to get even more media attention for themselves!

There were headlines all over websites sympathetic to the Temple saying: “Christian terrorists threaten to blow up Satanic statue”. They showed no proof that these threats came from Christians. They either assumed it, or that’s the picture they wanted to paint. Doug Mesner even said that he called the Detroit police to report the threats. That’s funny as hell considering Blackmore and members of the group have made radical comments on social media against law enforcement before.

During this same time line, a Muslim terrorist shot up a military base down in Tennessee. The Satanic Temple said NOTHING about this actual terrorist event!

Jex Blackmore said the statue unveiling was a symbol of religious freedom and a fight against censorship and oppression. A few weeks ago, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo – a victim of Muslim terrorism in the past- quietly announced that they will stop printing Mohammed pictures. They decided to stop because of continuous safety concerns. They are censoring themselves and now the terrorists win. The Satanic Temple said NOTHING about this!

Christians can be annoying and pushy in American culture and politics, but they are the only fair game target of organizations like The Satanic Temple. The Temple is either smart enough, or cowardly enough, to know that if they speak out against Islam they will probably end up like Charlie Hebdo. You can’t lawsuit your way out of a fatwa.

The Satanic Temple so far has been nothing other than a “religion” based on filing separation of church and state lawsuits while throwing swanky parties. I can’t understand how in the world they have managed to manipulate and control the media this far.”

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