An Urgent Wake Up Call to the American Public and the World

My mom, in our years of talks, often would remark about how everyone seemed to remember the day JFK was assassinated so clear and focused that they could always talk about it as if it had just happened the day before, despite all the years that had passed. It seemed somewhat foreign to me for a long time, up until a certain Sept. 11th, when I experienced the exact same thing.

I was driving to a friend’s house when I heard about the first plane hitting on the radio and I got into her house and the television turned on, only to watch it happen again to the second tower. It was weird, how focused I was on it all, and I have never forgotten that day and can recall it with as much clarity as I did when it happened; me and everyone else who experienced it, not only in America but all around the world.

So, in saying that- let me say that I DISTINCTLY remember two firefighters coming out of the building after the first plane hit and claiming that there were bombs all over the building. Now since this was NATIONAL news, and I was watching NATIONAL news, along with EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD who was glued to their televisions, I am OBVIOUSLY not the only person who saw that that morning before the towers fell. The damage to the towers from the planes hitting them was SOOO bad that it knocked down five other buildings- but they were ONLY world trade buildings, while no adjacent buildings in the area-( and we ARE talking about the overcrowded city of New York)- that weren’t connected to the trade center, were hurt. Even a church across the street- complete with a small cemetery, was left with NO damage at all, so the two planes brought five other buildings down, but didn’t break EVEN ONE headstone, and it was RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET. Of course- every first responder- police, fire fighters, etc.- died when the towers fell that morning, effectively removing anyone and everyone who could have attested to the truth of what had happened which could be a great coincidence just as easily as it could have been part of a plan- esp. when you consider the fact that NO RICH PEOPLE died in the tower’s fall. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM were absent from work that day- as were all of their associates. That is why, on a Tuesday morning- in New York, at the very beginning of the work week- in massive buildings that housed so many work people it had to be seen to be believed, and yet only 3,000+ lives were lost. Now I am not saying that those people don’t matter- because every one of them most definitely does- but anyone who had seen the towers during a normal workday, such as myself, is forced to wonder why the number was so low- having a grasp at exactly how many people were typically working there, esp. at the beginning of a workweek. And NO rich people died. None. Zero. An amazing coincidence, isn’t it?

I also remember watching George Bush Jr. being informed while he was reading to a bunch of school children, and him sitting there- doing nothing with a look of being scared shitless on his face for what seemed like forever. Everyone later just assumed the man was inept- but what if the real reason he sat there with that look on his face for the 7-9 minutes he did is because he knew that he and his friends were committing the biggest act of treason this country has ever seen before and he had to wonder if they all would be able to pull it off; Which, by the way, they did.

A war that no one wanted before the towers fell suddenly became our nation’s new obsession that cost not only millions of lives but destroyed the entire American economy along with it. I mean- it isn’t people who are on welfare that are destroying the economy but rather the BILLION DOLLAR A WEEK price tag we are paying on the wars we are in. However, although it might have decimated the American economy- it HAS made all of THEM inordinately rich. I mean- they cleaned up with this shit, but they were the ONLY ones who did. What American’s got was a power grab on their privacy and a whole bunch of new laws to tighten the leash on all of us. If we misbehave, we are either executed by the police or are sent to private prisons that are at overflowing capacity with citizens who they are using as a free labor source while these same prisons bill EVERYONE- tax payers and even the prisoners themselves, so that we can pay for the increasing expenses to keep these prisons open. All the while the very same people who are charging us are doing so so THEY can get a free source of labor. It is truly amazing how it works, and the fact that no one seems to complain about it is astounding.

One last thing about 911, which involved the plane that hit the pentagon and the fact there is not ONE picture or video out there that shows a plane going into it. Not a plane descending, not hitting it, or of the fireball it must have created. Not one. Not to mention that the devastation that the other two planes’ caused bringing down 5 other world trade buildings is amazing when you compare it to the one that hit the pentagon. There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of any plane wreckage, and considering the planes brought down two massive towers made of steel as well as five other buildings, but the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon had little damage in comparison. In fact, the second floor didn’t even fall down until later, after crews were already there and pictures had already been taken of the “accident”. Pictures that INCLUDE a wooden office chair COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED on the second floor before the floor fell in. What law of physics can be used to explain such a disparity between the two planes crash sites where one brought down huge towers of steel whereas, with the Pentagon, another plane just as big and carrying just as much fuel- made so little damage in comparison. And the only evidence ever found at any of the crash sites was a passport that was in perfect condition, which belonged to one of the supposed terrorists. How incredibly coincidental and amazingly convenient for, everyone, I guess- no matter how completely improbable it sounds.

The worst part about Sept. 11th is that it set a huge and incredibly bad precedent in America- in that we, the people, are at best complacent and worse, accepting of the fact that our American government, and pretty much anyone who is controlled by us- can lie, steal, kill, commit treason, commit any crime they want against anyone they see fit- and we, as the American society of people, will do basically nothing about it. 911 has set the bar very high, and now we are seeing this blatant screwing over of the population every time our politicians vote something in during the middle of the night- like proposing they steal 180 Billion dollars out of Social Security in order to start a war with Syria, or making secret trade deals like the newly signed TPP law that takes virtually all the rights of the people and gives EVERYTHING to the corporations, ESP. by corporations controlled by other countries other than the US. We are now, legally, EVERYONE ONE OF US in America- officially slaves, controlled completely by the rich and off shore corporations.

The question is not whether politicians and the rich and powerful elite lie, because we all know they do, but rather concerns the fact of whether they EVER tell the truth at all! As a result, we as a species are faced with having obscenely wealthy, openly dishonest, power and money hungry elites who basically own and control everything who have proven over and over again that they will do whatever they want to achieve anything they want- and despite the fact that we all know this, we do nothing. We say nothing. We avoid the question and try to entertain ourselves in other ways to distract ourselves. But the fact that we are all in an incredibly sick and scary times that are being run by money and power obsessed psychopaths and the only thing we TRULY generally expect from our politicians, leaders, and their elite masters, is that they be good enough liars so that we don’t have to feel uncomfortable, has had disastrous affects in every one of our lives. It isn’t that we are bad people as a whole, but rather I believe it is due to the fact that we all feel incredibly helpless and unable to do anything about it. So we wring our hands, some of us grumble, but none of us doing anything but watch- unaware that our inaction is a choice of acceptance, if you will, and therefore will have consequences. Quietly accepting evil only allows greater evils to develop, and our complicity will only serve to damn every one of us.

It is disheartening that the “traitors” who committed “treason” in this country are so reveled in other countries that they are erecting statues of them. You can see by our actions historically how blind we have been to so many things that the rich elite- who control everything, have been doing to fill their bank accounts, but now that we have been made aware, the situation before us demands that we- as a whole of society, MUST take action to help enact a change that so desperately needs to happen.

For God’s sake- George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld- and all of their associates should at least be made to come forward to deal with the accusations they are war criminals- who lied about the reasons we went to war and lied about torturing people esp. now that Cheney has gone on public record stating something to the effect of- ‘yeah we did it and if I had to do it all over again, I would do it the same way’. He has proudly admitted that he and his group duped everyone, and yet all we American’s seem to want to do is just brush off the truth and fight as much as we can to keep the status quo. I don’t know, maybe it is because doing something else scares us- even though the status quo has PROVEN ITSELF to be completely self-serving and nothing but greedy and deceitful- esp. when it comes to the people. Their track record when comparing what they have done FOR the people compared to what they have done for THEMSELVES shows what they are all about as everyone can see that the results are a bit skewed. In all honesty- there really is no comparison between the two-when ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they have done has been SOLELY for themselves, which is why the incredibly small number of people that own the 98% of the world’s wealth have everything while leaving the rest of humanity homeless and starving. Able to buy whatever they want at any time they want, which includes politicians, governments, churches, everything, they have been able to manipulate everything to work for their own benefit and, as a result, their money and, more importantly, their GREED for money KNOWS NO BOUNDS. They own pretty much everything because they will steal it if they have too, and with all they have, they share ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Judging by their own behavior we can all witness indisputable proof that they only care about themselves and could simply not care less about the rest of humanity.

Let me point out that if the world were to rise up and take ONLY the 1%’s money away from them, we could actually EFFECTIVELY solve many of the world’s problems- such as starvation, disease, homelessness, etc. You know- all of those pesky small things in life that the majority of us have to deal with- and what this small group of people have could eradicate ALL of these problems for EVERYONE in the world. They all know this, which is why these same money and power hungry lot has us pitted after the poor, the disabled, veterans, basically anyone who can’t fight back- because taking from large numbers of people who already don’t have shit is SOOO much easier and more effective than taking it from the smaller group who have way more than enough to accomplish what needs to happen many times over. The 98% of the world’s wealth that this small group of people are hording in their bank accounts could effectively and forever change all of humanity for the better, and considering that they are just going to use their money to lie, steal, commit acts of treason, murder and kill at incredibly high numbers in order to make an inordinate financial gain for themselves makes it obvious to anyone one who considers the facts that this group simply CAN NOT be trusted with their power and wealth to do anything other than hurt the rest of us to help themselves. In fact, this small group of people are posing a huge threat to all of humanity by acting out, like they do, with nothing but their own personal greed in their minds. Obviously this group adheres to an “us or them” mentality- and so, since that is the case, humanity needs to ask the same question- is it US or THEM?

The thing is that I believe we are at a crisis point. Most of us talk about this whole “end days”, and though I know it is but a new beginning, I also know things as they are now is all coming to pass. We, as the human race, all needed to be tested after the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was ate, and we have all now reached the final test. Will we sit back complacently, realizing the truth but doing nothing personally to stop it, or will we take a stand for what is right and start practicing what we have been talking about all this time. Sitting back is compliance by the way. Knowing of evil and doing nothing about it is a choice- and that choice is not a good one and won’t bring pleasant results. Faith without acts is worthless- this is explicitly started repeatedly throughout almost every religious and spiritual text- and now we find ourselves as a society- as a world- as a species, and as individuals to be one’s who have been brought to the point where every single one of us has a decision to make-each of us are being required to make a conscious choice. In a way this all could be compared to the story of Lot in the Bible, only this time- we are being judged by our actions on what we will do when forced to stay. Will we rise and fight to do what is right, or will we join those who sit back complacently who, in the end, will be in as much trouble as those who have actually fought for the darkness- guilty as they are of allowing evil to continue and grow- even as they knew the truth of the evil behind it. What this small group of families has done historically throughout the world is nothing less than abject evil, who are themselves being consumed by their own self-interests and cardinal desires. The difference though it that none of us are going to become pillars of salt if we look back but are rather going to be claimed by the very darkness we sat cooperating with and have grown to accept, as it has been because of our apathy and our desire to do nothing which has allowed this chaos to grow and become what it is today.

It is time to stand and be counted. It is time to start doing the things we know to be right. It is time to fight for the poor, the sick, children, the destitute in spirit, veterans, and any and all of us who can’t fight back for ourselves. It is time to start showing the love we have been taught about all along, and doing the things we know are right- like practicing love, forgiveness, and compassion for everyone we come in contact with. Most of all, we must all stand and create the change that MUST happen if any of us are going to survive. We must make a choice to support a change that works for humanity and against the darkness that is causing what is happening today. Not doing so will have devastating consequences for not only every American, but on the world as a whole. It is time to take a stand, each and every one of us, because every one of us matters, as does everything we do, and it is time we do what is best for mankind and humanity as whole and stop catering to a sick and self-serving group who would gladly push all of us to our deaths off a cliff if they believed they could financially benefit from it. I assure you, the spirit of God offers way more, as do the promises of Heaven, and you will feel less self-destructive serving Heaven than you feel going along with the plan this little group has planned. The chaos the greed of this group has caused needs to stop, and we all need to contribute individually in helping with that, bottom line. In the end, we will all be judged for what we did, and didn’t, do and, in turn, Heaven will respond accordingly. The choice is ours.

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