About Noreen Gosch and Her Campaign Against Me

Today I was told that Noreen Gosch is out in the world doing her best to trash me, and so I thought I would take a moment to summarize why I don’t trust this woman as far as I can spit, and I’ve never been able to spit.

Flat out, after talking to both my sister and myself, she knows enough about what was going on in Omaha enough to do WAY more than she ever has. She knows that the brothers involved were the Aquazinno’s- who were not only my older siblings friends but also were the same brothers who were working at the French Café and trafficking kids in the bar underneath the French Café, called The Underground at the time. She knows that Sam Soda- a man she purports as key in her son’s disappearance- was the manager of a gay bar called The Stagedoor during the time of the abduction, and that this bar was directly across the street from the downtown police station where Robert Wadman, acting police chief at the time and top of the controversy of corruption, worked. She has also been told exactly what was going on in the Old Market concerning child abductions and sex trafficking. And yet, no word concerning any of this has come from a woman who supposedly is desperately trying to figure out what happened to her son.

She often called my sister at night, a fact she denies despite the fact that my sis has the phone records to prove it, to ply her for info, which my sister gave. Of course- my sister was upset because Noreen would only call late at night, after my sister had taken her sleeping medication, but as many times that she asked Noreen to call earlier and stop calling so late, she was ignored. Noreen, a woman whom I have caught in many varied lies, told me that my sister was lying- but knowing my sister as I do, and the issues she was having with Noreen calling late at night, I know that this to be a crock. Besides- it doesn’t negate the fact that she knows what I just said- since I have told her all of this repeatedly personally.

She, by her own admission, has focused her investigations primarily on the testimony of Paul Bonnaci- a convicted pedophile and the sole reason investigations in Omaha in the 80’s were halted, as it was his testimony that convinced a grand jury to call the child abduction and trafficking ring a “carefully crafted hoax”. Watching the videos of his testimony with his multiple personality disorder thing he had going, compared to what we now know of dissociative disorders, it seems completely fabricated- but it was on this foundation that the False Memory Foundation based their whole argument on. (As all the people who came forward and claimed their children were being sexually and ritually abused in their preschools all got the idea from their therapists, who ALSO convinced every one of them that they had multiple personality disorders- which is how the term “false memory” came about).

Just a key note about the False Memory Foundation- it was founded by a bunch of accused pedophiles who claimed that their children were lying about being abused. Ralph Underwager, one of the primary founders- went to far as to tell Padika magazine how great having sex with children was, and how good it was for them to be sexually abused. None of them were anyone that you wanted babysitting your kids- and yet, with the CIA’s help- who was trying to take the heat off of those who were being accused since there were THOUSANDS of parents coming forward complaining about their daycares, it was this group that gave us the term “satanic panic” and who controlled ALL conversation about the ritual abuse of children for 30 years.

Personally- I don’t see how Paul Bonnaci could have grown up in Omaha and claim to know what he did and yet has NEVER to this day spoken about what was going on in the Old Market- although the child prostitution of boys on what was called “the run” was well known to everyone in town. If he was so involved like he said he was, how did he not know the details of what was going on? The prosecuting attorney Gari Carridori- whose plane they blew up in the sky after he reported he had the evidence to blow all of this wide open- had a witness list that was quite extensive- and yet- to this day, if you listen to Noreen Gosch and Paul Bonnaci- the only three who had come forward was Paul, a guy by the name of Troy Boner, and Alisha Owen- the girl who claimed she, as a minor, was pregnant with none other than Robert Wadman’s baby- and he was chief of police in Omaha. However, you can google this list and see that this is far from true. And yet Noreen asserts that only Paul- and Paul alone- is the authority.

Personally, I knew Troy Boner- and he was, as I was at one time, a “Baer boy”, which means he worked for Alan Baer- who was instrumental in what was happening in Omaha at the time. I found him to be a pathological liar who NEVER told the truth. He worked for the bad guys- and I believe that is why he and Paul surrounded Alisha and made such a sham of her story as they did. She was the key to exposing all of this mess- carrying Wadman’s baby as she was, and so they sent Troy and Paul to completely discredit her- which they did. After Paul’s testimony- everything magically all went away.

Another thing about Noreen Gosch- EVERYONE who stood as a threat to this multi-billion dollar money maker was taken out- including the prosecuting attorney who was investigating it, so why was she spared? Why was Paul spared? If they knew as much as they say they did, and were telling the truth like they said they were, why were they able to live, when everyone else died? True- I am still alive- but I wasn’t talking when Alan Baer was still alive. Considering everyone else who died, claiming that they were left untouched because of their notoriety doesn’t make much sense, esp. considering they killed Boner, whose death still has a million questions around it. They killed Boner because they realized he would never keep his mouth shut- and they can’t afford a liability, which, to me, says that Bonnaci was never a true liability. Judging by what he was able to do single handedly with his multiple personality act making everything go away as it did, it makes me wonder just what side he is on. Actually, I know what side he is on. The same one as Noreen Gosch- who works really hard but in all the years she has been at this- has only spun people’s wheels. I mean- we are no closer to definitely knowing what happened to her son than we were 30 years ago when it happened.

She may have been proactive for children- and yes, she may have been given honors for being a mother of an abducted child- but she has the information to blow all of this wide open and has chosen, for whatever reason, not to. To me, this seems as if she not only doesn’t care what happened to her son, but she doesn’t seem to want anyone else to know either. She goes on and on about how she believes her husband at the time, Johnny’s father- sold him, but my question is- if so, is he the only one who was involved with the deal? Everyone identifies with her as being the mother of an abducted child- so no one bothers to ask the question most needed to be asked- which is whether she had anything to do with it? And if not, knowing what she does, why hasn’t she done more to expose this mess? And most importantly- why hasn’t she even ONCE been honest about knowing what she does and addressing why she has never gone forward with it? Why is she deliberately getting everyone to focus on the testimony of a convicted pedophile that had such a hand in making everything go away in the first place? It is disingenuous at best, and downright manipulative at its core and the question we all need to ask ourselves is- WHY?

Noreen may trash me, she may many ugly things about me- but I just want to point out that in her tirades, I bet she has never once HONESTLY addressed what I have just said, nor do I think she ever will. She has known my issues for years now- and yet never presents what I have asked when she is trashing me. It is all directed on a personal level. That, in and of itself is completely manipulative, because I believe that the questions I have just brought up deserve an answer. Flat out. And in the years that I have had dealing with Noreen Gosch- the only response I have ever gotten in regards to these questions have been constant personal attacks, which don’t at all answer the questions. So before you throw your trust at Noreen Gosch, I suggest you ask her these questions yourselves, and then judge what she says and how she responds for yourself. It is a simple way to end this controversy.

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