A Message to the Cult Who Trained Me

It is funny how different the world becomes when you discover that everything has been set in motion to encourage us to live out our lives in complete and utter distraction, most it being completely fake and pretty much based on complete and utter bullshit. Great in scope and design, it has been completely effective in its control up till now but, as they say, all things must come to an end. The key was to create as much bullshit as possible so that people either didn’t have the time, or the compunction, to look into the deeper aspects of what was controlling all of this chaos. We have been lied to so much, so often, that these forces were often able to hide out right in the open and yet not be seen. However, we have reached a point where everything is going to be brought out into the light, thus we are seeing our world leaders scramble to cover up their misdoings as scandal after scandal breaks out into the open. The truth is- up until now- this whole control thing has worked brilliantly- and was generally very consistent, but if one conclusion can be made as a whole- it is that things are quickly spiraling way out of anyone’s control- and no one has a real chance of reeling it in. The momentum of chaos has moved way beyond that, and although there are those of you who would like to think you are in control, I assure you- none of you are.

I myself have been caught up with distractions most of my life. Running from my past and who I was as a result of it and yet completely focused on it in a way that I couldn’t escape from it, it has shaped me into who I needed to be today- and because it is such a huge part of who I am now, I understand why things have gone the way that they have. Although I was shaped by way of abject torture that transcends all normality, I have to admit that I was exposed to some incredibly amazing things. Offered the knowledge of how life really works, although it was horrible beyond words- I must admit it hasn’t been without its benefits. Not only was I taught about psychic energy manipulation and such but I was exposed to things most go their whole lives never knowing. Perhaps there was no other way to learn this than to go through what I did, and grasping it as well as I have, I just consider my childhood a real life version of Hogwarts. Complete with a myriad of child sacrifices and constant gang rapes.

The thing is about all those child sacrifices and the rituals I was put through, the big difference between my siblings and I is that none of you pledged your souls allegiance to them. However, that is what constantly happened with me. The biggest issue I had in my teens and young adulthood is the belief, instilled by the rituals performed on me, was that I was going to grow up to be the Antichrist. I only began to doubt this only around the age of 27 when a friend replied to me, after I told her I was afraid I would be the Antichrist- “You?! You are the Antichrist? What are you going to do David, criticize their clothing? The minute they cry you are going to feel bad, so I really don’t think you make much of an Antichrist.” I had to concede the point- and it helped a lot. All until my 39th year when I went through three nights of repeated nightmares of women being attacked by a demon and then becoming possessed with Uriel the day after, the day after my father died. The thing is, is that I have spent a great deal of time contemplating that year- including my 40th birthday with that nightmare I had- finding myself once again standing in the middle of a pentagram. It wasn’t until afterward that I realized had I allowed Uriel to dwell within me, he would have taken me over- which is what you cult members believed was going to happen. Standing around the pentagram in my dream, I could see your hearts intents in my dream- and how none of you understood why Uriel hadn’t taken over me. None of you realized that I had let him go at the very beginning. No, me helping him back to Heaven was never your intention, and God only knows what I would have become had I used him for even a second. But that didn’t happen, and it changed everything.

No more than two weeks after my 40th birthday, for the first time ever, the Republican Party fell apart in such a way that everyone had to keep a scorecard to keep up with the scandals that were hitting the news. It was during that time when I came to realize that I had to find all of the fallen and do what I was able to do for Uriel- in order to take away the power and protection your group always had. Since then, it appears to me that all that power and protection you had seems to have all but faded away. The light is going to start shining on all of you, and who and what you are will no longer be able to stay hidden. Your sins, shall we say, are all about to be dragged into the light and exposed.

If you all will remember, every one of you swore your souls to me. Now granted, you were under the assumption that what was in my father was going to eventually come into me, and it was really HIM you were trying to impress, but still, it was ME you swore your souls to. And it is this fact, and pretty much this fact alone, that sets me apart from all the others. You all offered your souls to me, and now I am calling in my bets. You swore your soul’s allegiance to me and I have decided to lay claim to that which was offered to me, as is my right to do. I had no way of refusing all of you as a child, thus I’m not offering a choice for you to decline now that I am an adult. And funny enough, for whatever reason, I have full support from the other side. What is fair is fair, and I try to be as fair as I can, so I am prepared to offer you all of the mercy that all of you offered to everyone else, and I am even going to offer it with interest, giving it back to all of you in spades.

I don’t know whether you chose the right person, or the wrong person, but what you taught me works, and I have discovered I am incredibly gifted at it, so I have done my best to take full advantage of what I was taught as I have gotten older. All those murdered boys, all those screams, all that pain- that is my gift to all of you. Your payment is also being compounded by all the others you have slaughtered in your rituals to derive power.. You all are finally going to experience the pain and misery that you all have created, and that darkness is going to be presented to all of you just how you all like it- up close and personal. Convincing me that I was going to be the Antichrist- and all of what goes with it, although it terrified me, it also gave me a warped self-confidence- warped at least where the norm is concerned. And I eventually reached a point where I finally accepted my place.

I don’t need to do sad little rituals to cast spells- I just do it like I was taught to do. I also have no personal issues with accepting my position, so I do so as I see fit. Actually, for the most part, all I just have to do is ask. Intent and focus, that’s the key- just as you taught. However, correct me if I am wrong- but it seems to me that none of your spells seem to work any longer, thus all of your nasty secrets seem to be coming out into the light more and more- and there is absolutely nothing any of you can do to prevent it. As such, it is pretty evident that it is only a matter of time before your secrets do you all in.

The wealthy elite have stayed the wealthy elite for centuries- which is why there are so few of you, for a reason. Basically because your long family lines are guilty of doing very bad things in order to illicit help from entities you would have been better to steer clear of. The “magic” that you had- when you consider how long you have kept your nasty secrets away from the rest of society, seems to be wearing off, esp. when you compare how different the last ten years or so have been for you. Nothing is secret anymore- and this is quickly coming to pass for the lot of you as well. In the end- all secrets are going to come out into the light, and this esp. includes yours.

You all pledged me your souls, and now it is time for all of you to pay the piper. It doesn’t make any difference what the public consensus is, as nothing will change the facts of what is. I am laying claim to what was given, as is my right. When you look for someone to blame, I suggest you simply look in a mirror, as that is the only one that helped you get into the positions you all now find yourselves.

No one is able to thwart the will of God- and this includes all of you. So thank-you, as if it wasn’t for your due diligence, none of this would have been possible. You are all headed for a very dark and ugly place, and it was through your actions that all of this was made possible. I may not be the anti-Christ, but in the end, I don’t think that anyone will be able to convince any of you that I am not. You are all about to repaid in kind, with the same mercy you offered to everyone else. And though this might not happen today or tomorrow- I can assure every one of you that it will happen much faster than any of you will be comfortable with. What you taught me works, exceptionally well, and very soon you are all going to get a chance to experience how good I have gotten with what I have been taught. And there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to prevent this.

You all wanted the darkness. You have all vehemently worshiped this desire. And so you all are going to get the full extent of your desires. You are all about to be claimed by the darkness you have worked so hard for, and in the end, I just ask that you keep in mind that without your actions, none of this would have been possible. So thank you. I truly appreciate this opportunity, and I hope that you all appreciate the place I have prepared for you. It is waiting, and hungrier than any of you can ever imagine. And just as you did for me, you will be offered no escape. So enjoy what you have while it lasts, because I assure you, a new day is dawning, and your time of power and control is coming to an end. When that happens- I hope you all do me a favor and keep me in mind, although I can assure you that afterwards, I will never give any of you a second thought and will be completely content in the knowledge that you are about to get yours.

So have a happy Thanksgiving, and remember to be grateful. I assure you I will.

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