A Message to Mankind about the Last Days

It is funny how many people are now talking about how these are the “last days”, even from people you wouldn’t expect that kind of talk from. Generally it is followed up by a bunch of misguided religious jargon, like the belief that Jesus Christ himself is about to break from the clouds with all of the angels in Heaven and save mankind. This isn’t true, but trying to convince people away from this delusion is damn near impossible. Even the Satanists that trained me believe that we are at the end, although they were convinced that a war with Heaven was coming. This is also misguided. There is NO war with Heaven coming. However, I am getting ahead of myself.

I have taken a lot of criticism from some who believe that I am evil because I have said that I have gone to dark places and communed with the “unholy”. You have to understand- all of my training as a child dealt with communicating with demons and being comfortable with it. Whatever my trainers opened up in me as a child only grew stronger with age, and it was this that drove me into therapy years ago. Yes, I agree that what I was taught was a form of witchcraft- and the reason why I was trained in it is because what they believed actually worked. That is why it has survived through the centuries. Doing rituals and committing atrocities in the name of demons DID allow the practitioners to gain favor from dark forces. Those who haven’t practiced have never personally experienced the power behind the dark, and let me tell you- there was a great deal of power to be gained from worshiping demons. Again, this is why the practice has been done for centuries. Had it not worked, it would have been abandoned long ago.

If you adhere to the story of Adam and Eve when mankind was expelled from the garden, you know that Satan was given dominion over all of the Earth. He and his minions controlled everything in our existence, and it was they who set up and fueled the systems of mankind. Every religion, every government, everything we know was built by the fallen angels. The proof of this is in the story of Jesus, when he met Satan and was offered the chance to have the world fall down and worship at his feet. Had the world not been Satan’s to offer- the story would have gone much different from Jesus telling Satan to “get behind him”, as he simply would have pointed out that it wasn’t Satan’s to offer in the first place. However, the world WAS Satan’s and had Jesus accepted, the dark angel would have made good on his promise, as such was his to offer. Satan was given dominion over the Earth and mankind because after eating from the tree of Knowledge, God realized that mankind then needed to be tested, and Satan was put in charge of that.

After I escaped what I did as a child, I spent years trying to figure out how to defeat those who had hurt me. However, it wasn’t until after what happened with Uriel, the demon that had possessed me the day after my dad died, that I figured out how. I speak about how I helped Uriel cross back to Heaven in my book, and how all of Heaven embraced him and brought him back into the fold- and it was this episode that gave me the idea on how to proceed.

It is funny when I tell Christians how I helped demons back onto Heaven how angry they get- and often times they try to convince me of this “lake of fire” where Satan and his minions are going burn for eternity. Often, I reply that God has told every one of us that we are to love our enemies as ourselves, and that compassion and forgiveness are the things Heaven requires of us. So why would God preach such things if he had every intention of throwing his enemy into an eternal fire pit? Isn’t this a MAJOR contradiction? Somewhere along the line we forgot what God is, and have made him- in our own minds- a contradictory narcissist who demands we follow what he says and pay no attention to what he does. This is NOT God- who is nothing but compassion, forgiveness, and love. All of Heaven embraced the fallen as they returned- and not one, in the two years I did this, was turned away. As such, there is going to be NO WAR with Heaven, as each and every one was lovingly brought back into the fold.

Being taught to commune with demons and to have no fear, I figured I was a good person to attempt this work. In the end, the only way I could defeat this group of elite masters was to take away the very forces that protected them in the first place. Consciously seeking out demons in order to help “psycho pump” them back into Heaven was the only way I could take away the protection that had always been offered to this group of people. (Psycho pumping in a Shamanic term that basically means helping those who have lost their way back into the light. Some get lost when they die, and they need a little help and direction to get them to go into the light, and psycho pumping is the term that describes this process.)

The Satanists that I was trained by believed that we are in the last days. Astrologically speaking- we are now at the heart of Ophiuchus, which is believed to be were the gates of Heaven resides. However, the plans that have been made throughout the centuries have disintegrated, as the fallen have now returned to Heaven. Each one asked me what they could do for me in return- and all I asked any of them is that they do what God asks them to do. However, I did have a request of my own; that they bring those whom they have helped for so long down. Which is why I believe the systems of mankind are breaking down at such an accelerated rate, as the power that fueled them are now gone. The evil that now faces us isn’t from demons or other worldly creatures, but rather resides in the hearts of men. Therefore, it can be defeated.

I realized a long time ago that Jesus is NOT going to break out from the clouds and save us. Everything on this side is finished, which is why we are watching an unprecedented die off on this side. Mankind has become totally wrapped up in our own egos so much so that we actually believe we can demand God’s presence and that he has no choice but to comply, but this is folly. We are in the last days- but God is NOT coming to us but rather- we are all being called to him. We are in the days of judgement, were what we have done will be assessed and we will all be held accountable for our actions. Each of us are about to brought into the presence of God, although it won’t be God who judges us but rather- each of us will judge ourselves and how we compare to the light in which we are all going to find ourselves. As it is written, these days are quickly becoming no more, and everything we have come to know in this existence is passing away. This includes us.

The rapture has already happened. A few days before the Indonesian tsunami, I had gone on a Shamanic journey were I ended up in a temple that I often find myself in. I was lead out onto a terrace, and below me there were easily a million souls cheering me on. It was so intense that I pulled myself back and ended the journey. However, a few days later the tsunami hit and over 130,000 souls were lost. The psycho pumping that I had experienced before didn’t prepare me for helping numbers like this, and so I decided to go back to where I had found myself the other day and see if those who had cheered me on would help me in helping those lost cross over. When I went out onto the terrace the second time, there were even MORE souls standing below, and the minute I asked for their help, amazing things began to happen. Immediately I found myself in a huge wave of souls, and we were right off the shore where the tsunami hit in the first place. The souls washed over the land, and everyone they touched turned into a point of light and rose up in the air, and transcended into Heaven. It was one of the most intense and beautiful journeys I have ever experienced, and I knew that these beings of light were being claimed by Heaven. No one has to agree with me, as approval won’t diminish what I saw and experienced- esp. since it is solely based on opinions. I know what happened- and I believe what I saw without a doubt. The rapture is finished, and now the rest of us are going to follow suit.

On my 40th birthday- when I did the shamanic journey to go check on Uriel- which I also have written about in my book, I saw three immense and incredibly ornate gates open and on the other side I saw a new Earth. Although I have tried repeatedly to journey to that new Earth, I find it interesting that I have only been able to succeed in getting on the shore of it but haven’t ever been able to proceed past there. However, I can say that I know what it feels like over there. There is NO separation from God there, and the joy that is permeating from every grain of sand is amazing. All of the animals that are dying here are waking up over there, and all of Heaven is preparing a place for us to go to. Again- God is not coming to us but rather we are all going to be brought to him, and eventually the New Earth is where the majority of us are going to find ourselves. Spiritually we are evolving, and all that we know on this plane of existence is fading away.

There is NO lake of fire. God has absolutely no conception of such things, being solely made from love and compassion. However, there is a darkness that many are going to be claimed by. Those who have garnered such power by hurting children and worshiping the dark are going to be claimed by the very thing they have spent their lives promoting. It is the only place in existence that is devoid of God and all of Heaven. This group has done nothing but strive to separate themselves from God, and so they are about to be blessed with that which they have held so dear. Interestingly enough, they are all about to find themselves in an amazing garden which beauty transcends beyond words, but being completely devoid of light, they will never see it. Eventually they will be lulled into a deep sleep- where they will remain for what will seem like an eternity- being tormented by their own nightmares. Because they will be asleep, there will never be a moment of respite, and their suffering will be just as great as those who first fell away from Heaven. And for just as long. They are about to be claimed by the very darkness which they have spent their lives to promote- but safely away from all others so that their sickness doesn’t infect anyone else. God strives to give us our hearts desire, and they are about to be claimed by their own.

All of my training as a child dealt with the psychic manipulation of energy. That is what I was trained to do and I was taught so well that for a long time it would just happen instinctively. However, free will was a gift God gave all of us, and as much as they tried, they couldn’t eradicate my own free will. The abilities I have are not well known to many- that is true. But most of us also can’t operate on the human brain and save lives. However, just because we can’t do this doesn’t negate the fact that some CAN. There are some of you who will be unable to understand what I have just said in this post, but it doesn’t negate the truth of what I am saying. And I do not believe that what I have done is evil. God placed me in this life for a reason- and I have come to realize that what I have gone through has been Heaven’s training camp. My abilities are not evil- although they could be used for that. However, I don’t work that way. My choice was to honor and help God and all of Heaven as best as I could- and what I have detailed is what I chose to do. Whether you agree or disagree doesn’t change the facts of what has happened and what is coming, and trying to say that I am evil in order to discredit me won’t change the facts either. I was given a tool, but how I used it was my choice. A hammer is a tool in which you can use to build many beautiful things, but it is also one you can use to beat the life out of someone. The choice is ours- and what I have detailed was MY choice.

I often say that in the scope of time, this life doesn’t make much difference- and yet it makes all the difference in the world. All of Heaven is with us right now, and NOTHING we do is secret. We are all about to be judged by what is in our hearts- and as a result some of us will find ourselves on the shores of a New Earth, while others are going to be claimed by the darkness- but where each of us end up will be dependent on what resides within our own hearts. But be assured, mankind is about to go through an intense die off on this side. There is no escape from this- as EVERYTHING right now stands against us. I can’t say how it is going to happen but I can assure you however it comes about- it IS coming. God is bringing each of us back to him- and where we go afterwards will be solely up to us. The only thing we can do now is determine what exactly is in our hearts and act accordingly. There is still time to make a difference- but that time is quickly running out.

I realize what I have just written will be hard to comprehend- and some of you will simply flat out deny it. Maybe because it is not what you have been told, or perhaps it makes you uncomfortable- but whatever the case, the fact that what I was taught works and that I was able to do what I did because of it is a fact. The systems of the world are failing and anyone who honestly looks around can see that. Things are changing fast- and were each of us end up as a result is, as it has always been, up to us.

For those of you who believe me and are wondering what you can do- the answer is simple. DO WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD. Live your lives with love and compassion. Care about ALL OF MANKIND as you would care about yourself. And have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that God, and all of Heaven, is with each one of us right now. Work to glorify God and all of Heaven with every action you take, and show love and compassion with everything you do. If you do this- you will be okay. If not, your story will take another turn, and there will be nothing at all you can do to prevent it- as there is NO BEING IN EXISTENCE that is strong enough to thwart the will of God.

I hope you all choose wisely. Your very souls depend on it.

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