Syrian Refugees Come to America- Even though We Have All Been Told By Our Government that The Majority of Them are Terrorists

So let me get this straight. The American government just tried to steal 180 Billion dollars out of Social Security so that we could fund a war with Syria- because it is full of terrorists who hate America and want to see us collapse, and yet, today- our government just brought 10,000 Syrian refugees into New Orleans who we are going to distribute to 10 cities all over the nation. But if you look at the pictures of all of the refugees that came into New Orleans, there is not ONE woman or child in the bunch. So we just brought 10,000 Syrian men into America since there are no women or children refugees, or at least judging by the pictures, and though we have been told that our government needs money to go to war with Syria because they are, for the majority, all terrorists- they, in turn, just brought 10,000 Syrian men into the country- even though our government has claimed that ALL OF THEM are terrorists. And we aren’t going to vet these men, we are just going to send them all over the United States. And this makes sense?

Europe is in huge turmoil from bringing in Syrian refugees. Switzerland has burned down 10 mosques and Paris is burning as we speak for doing the same thing. We have been fighting this war to prevent terrorists on American soil and yet now, we have brought 10,000 Syrian men into the country and we are just going to let them run free as we distribute them all over the nation.

So, logically- what we can expect from this is that when civil unrest occurs- or worse, a terrorist attack, we can count on our government declaring martial law and locking down the lot of us- which they have been eager to do for some time now. Which I believe is the whole plan in the first place. And Americans just sit at their computers- bitching about a fucking coffee cup.


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