A Comment I Made on Facebook

You know, I am amazed at American’s today. Everyone hates the middle east and they are going on and on about how wrong the Paris thing is. And I agree- in no way was this moral, right, or just. But here is the thing. Here is a group of people who have had their countries invaded by imperialistic assholes who have invaded and decimated their country- killing their loved ones, their friends, and whole communities. Our diplomatic response has been- if you don’t like it then we will drop more bombs on you. I have seen TONS of pictures of how bad the conditions are over there, and my heart goes out to them. They hate America and the west because of our policies that has made this happen- and it isn’t hard to see why they hate America as a whole because, honestly- we have all sat by complacently silent and allowed it to happen. I mean- it isn’t like it is us who are suffering- so why should we care? But when you look at it from their point of view- it is pretty easy to see why they are doing the horrible desperate things they are doing. I mean- nothing else has worked. And if we had been invaded by them and had our land and lives turned into the shithole we have caused for them, we would probably be JUST as angry and JUST as desperate. And all of this has happened so that the 1% can achieve gaining more cash than they already have. So if you all are thinking of singing Kumbaya at those who feel we have wronged them in unspeakable ways and you believe that is going to stop them from pulling the triggers of the guns they have pointed at you- and they are going to forgive us just because we are sorry now that we are facing our own decimation, don’t be surprised when they shoot you. The American govt created ISIS. We trained them, armed them, and now we all want to act shocked when they do things we can’t control. Islam IS NOT the problem. Inordinate greed is. And if we are all looking for who helped make this all possible- we all need to take a good hard look in the mirror- because it was through our complacently and inaction that allowed our leaders to do what they have. I think the time to stand is NOW. Not against Islam, not against the poor, not against the gays- but rather against the 1% who is responsible for creating the world we now live in. That is just my opinion.


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