A Great Link on the Hampstead Case

For those of you who are unaware of this case, it involved two children who have come out stating that they are victims of satanic ritual abuse. Of course- in the UK- the officials involved have come forward claiming that their claims are bogus- and that there is no merit to their claims AT THE SAME TIME they are passing gag orders to keep people from talking about it along with laws that are PROTECTING those who have been accused, such as the royal family. So if there is no merit to these claims- why are so many laws being passed to protect the accused? I mean- if there is no merit- why bother? But satanic ritual abuse claims are ABOUNDING- not only in the UK but in the US as well, and since there are a countless number of people who are talking about their experiences- both here and in Europe- obviously we can’t assume that all of them are victims of “false memories”. Turning away and ignoring this case is to embrace and support evil- and there WILL be consequences for such a choice. Looking away from evil because it makes you uncomfortable is to be COMPLACENT with that evil- and each of you who do this will be judged accordingly, so if you think that this case makes you uncomfortable- just wait until you are judged for doing nothing to stop it. God loves us- but Heaven is NOT without wrath. And ignoring this case, and pretending it is all based on lies so that you don’t have to deal with it, will subject you to that wrath.

But here is a link to one of the most comprehensive websites on this case. The fact that the 1% who own everything have been worshiping demons and hurting children EXPLAINS why they have as much as they do. This is not an accident. And telling yourself lies in order to keep yourselves from becoming uncomfortable with the truth is only serving to help promote this behavior. It is time that society HONESTLY looks at these claims to ascertain the validity of what is being said- and stop listening to those who are being accused who are claiming they are innocent and how the claims have no merit. Pedophiles ALWAYS deny what they do- so how is this case any different? You have the same group of people who are claiming all of this is bogus who have a HISTORY of publicly supporting the group of pedophiles who comprise PIE- and they ALSO have a history of claiming that pedophilia is okay and acceptable. The very same people in the UK who are saying that satanic ritual abuse and large groups of pedophiles raping kids are bogus claims and yet are doing their ABSOLUTE BEST to lower the age of consent to the age of 10 and below. And yet- we are all listening to them instead of taking the time to hear out the victims of abuse. If we continue, as a society- to continue doing this- I assure you that each one of us will be judged accordingly. God demands we take a stand in life- and now is our time to do so. Otherwise- we are all fighting to protect the evil that is before us. Flat out.


The head of PIE, which stands for Pedophile International Exchange- has gone on record in a Australian 60 Minutes interview stating that a 4 yr old can consent to having sex with an adult? How? Well, if you sit them on your lap- and you tell them that their “knickers” are pretty, if they appreciate the compliment- THAT IS CONSENT.

Don’t believe me? Here is the video

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