A Great Site For People Who Want to Know More About the Hampstead Case


Leon Britain had tattoos on his genitals, he was a friend of Janners who is child rapist from Hampstead, A and G drew pictures of tattoos on their rapists genital areas not a single one of the was examined, sure they are all in the same cult, that’s why they are putting so much effort, BBC MSM newspapers into trying to make this seem like a hoax. Dolphin square, A Jimmy Saville hospital, The dark Tavistock institute, the schools the children told us about, the one A and G went to, the school which had 4 convicted paedophile teachers that Janner sent his own sons to, the London bus bombing, The city of London **corporation*** (Check that bastard out) are all within a couple of miles of each other. Westminster, the houses of parliament, Dolphin square, ELm guest house, all the stinking rich British high society live right there. There’s tons more about that small area, it goes back a very long way as a dark satanic place. I do believe Dearman is a bit part player but he is a bit part player for the Wheelers and dealers, take him down and they all fall down. This is a network that goes to the very top, the very, very top. If yo have a bit of time you should check Anngirfan out, he’s connected a lot of the dots far more succinctly than I ever could and his research is immaculate, nobody can argue with him about what he publishes. He’s done a lot of stuff about the Hampstead cover up.

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