Jesus May Attract Hypocrites, But Judging by Doug Mesner ask Doug Misicko aka Lucien Greaves and His Interview with Fox, Satan Is Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

You know, I have a lot of lies published about me by this leader of the Satanic Church- and it used to really bother me. That was until I watched the interview he had on Fox with Megan Kelly. After watching this interview- I totally understand now.

With his slow speech impediment and a face that would scare most small children and many grown adults, I finally understand why this guy is such a douche and why he has such a chip on his shoulder concerning God. I mean- looking at him and listening to him talk- it dawned on me how absolutely horrible growing up and going to school must have been for him. There probably wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t hate himself, and the fact that he couldn’t fit in to regular society, even if he had wanted too, is blatantly obvious. No wonder he is such an attention seeker, doing weird gay rituals that he calls satanic and pulling his junk out and putting it on a gravestone for all the world to see. He has never been able to fit in to normal society- and negative attention is attention nonetheless. But it just dawned on me the past few days how much he has been screwed- not only by God, but Satan as well.

If he has actually sold his soul to the devil- he doesn’t seem to have gotten much from it. He still is ugly as sin, and judging by his slow speech- does not come off as the sharpest tool in the shed. You would think he would have asked for more that what he did. Of course- he doesn’t seem that bright- so maybe it just didn’t occur to him. But judging by what a person can see- Satan hasn’t done him any more favors than God. It is kinda sad actually.

His friends at, who now call themselves “international skeptics”, all still seem to want to crawl up his butt- but then, none of them seem to have a life and I guess they need someone’s coat tails to ride on- and Doug is more than willing to let that happen. But the lot of them seem like disgruntled bullies who are only capable to tearing other people’s accomplishments down. I guess it probably has something to do with the fact that none of them have any real accomplishments themselves. It doesn’t even bother them that their golden child will whip out his privates at any given time in order to get some notoriety- but I guess that is due to being desperate to draw attention away from his face and that weird eye of his. He can raise all sorts of money for a statue of the devil but he can’t get his face fixed- that says something. Cause you know that face has a lot to do with his personality, which, other than an overwhelmingly superior attitude, seems to lack any real substance. It is sad really.

But Mesner aka Misicko aka Lucien Greaves has done one positive thing for me in my life. When I start to get down about my life and the things that I have experienced- I now can view his interview with Fox news and realize that things could have been a lot worse for me. I don’t need to pull my dick out of my pants to get people to pay attention to me, and although I am not gonna win any modeling contracts, I don’t feel compelled to live in the darkness, which is probably the only place he DOESN’T feel judged, as it is hard to see his face. And when I think of Satan- and those who follow him, I realize that I was not so low that he chose me when he was busy scraping the bottom of the barrel. I can actually go out in polite society and not feel like a freak show, whereas I don’t think that Doug has ever been able to claim the same thing.

God- he might attract some hypocritical dicks sometimes, but Satan- considering people like Doug and dickheads like Michael Aquino- who lash out from the dark but don’t have the balls to actually come out their front door when they realize that someone like me is standing on their front porch, and have this strange belief that myriads of people are suffering from having sexual fantasies about him even though he looks like a warped version of Eddie Munster, Satan seems only able to embrace the lowest life forms possible. Physically and psychologically ugly, with nasty personalities, unbecoming, and, when forced to stand alone, incredibly weak- it is knowing these two men that has given me a much needed appreciation for where I stand in life and with myself.


oh- and this was sent to me today that I wanted to add…

“The founder of the organization “Satanic temple of Detroit” and high priest “Lucien Greaves” also operated under another pseudo name “Doug Mesner” who is trying to join humanist and satanist with one agenda…Chaos.…

But his real name is Douglas Misicko of Sterling Heights, Michigan who went to Harvard in Mas. majoring in neurosciences. Dunn Dunn Dunnnnn.

His high priestess “Jex Blackmore” is a pseudo name for Andrea Potti of Novi, MI who really works for the Detroit Institute of Arts as one of their program organizers “officially”.

The dual go about casting political spells in Michigan with the Snaketivity scene at the Capitol Building in Lansing and various exploits including this statue of satan disaster. Which they will also use to gain even more exposure to there cause.

The founder posing as Doug Mesner hired Shawn Bigbee (who was given the right hand of fellowship by the late Anton Levay of the Satanic Church Org to help Doug’s movement catch some steam from the press.

Doug latched onto Shawn Bigbee for the creds and shawn’s talent, but when Shawn figured Doug was a money making fake satanist, Shawn cut his ties.

So the more the stupid media shines their light on these agents of influence, the more members they collect and the more money too.

They also profile members of weak minds and submit the additional intel to Doug’s partners he acquired while at Harvard.

The rabbit hole is much deeper than this. But the Info provided from my research should be a good starting point for any honest gumshoe.”

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