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Sent to Me About the Satanic Temple, Doug Mesner, and This Whole Satanic Movement

Mr. Shurter, I wanted to touch base with you as someone who has been concerned about The Satanic Temple. They had been getting press for months in America before this recent worldwide media explosion in the last few weeks due to their statue. I have been following their story as a concerned parent and citizen. […]

Jesus May Attract Hypocrites, But Judging by Doug Mesner ask Doug Misicko aka Lucien Greaves and His Interview with Fox, Satan Is Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

You know, I have a lot of lies published about me by this leader of the Satanic Church- and it used to really bother me. That was until I watched the interview he had on Fox with Megan Kelly. After watching this interview- I totally understand now. With his slow speech impediment and a face […]