Sent to Me About the Satanic Temple, Doug Mesner, and This Whole Satanic Movement

Mr. Shurter,

I wanted to touch base with you as someone who has been concerned about The Satanic Temple. They had been getting press for months in America before this recent worldwide media explosion in the last few weeks due to their statue.

I have been following their story as a concerned parent and citizen. Jex Blackmore has fooled a lot of people so far. She comes off articulate, attractive, and charming in all of her media interviews. She promotes the organization as one who merely wants religious freedom and equality mixed in with a bit of civil disobedience.

If you take a look at her Facebook page- and the pages of The Satanic Temple- there is a far more radical tone than what they present in the public media. Blackmore has posted things such as, “the Bible needs to go to the relic room like the Confederate Flag”. Members and chapter heads post thoughts and opinions hoping for Christianity to go extinct. Some say they want to start a Satanic theocracy. I thought this was a group who claims it means no harm to Christianity and merely strives for equality?

I have seen Doug Mesner make posts on their social media pages. He often talks about the “Satanic panic era” as nothing more than false memories and he doesn’t believe any of the ritual abuse stories.

Mesner boasts that he went to Harvard. I’ve heard different stories. Some say he was expelled from Harvard, while others say he dropped out. It appears that he doesn’t have a traditional day job and he seems to make money speaking at atheist conventions. People have accused him on of using Temple donation money to pay for living expenses and drugs.

(I don’t know what his status with Harvard actually is. I actually heard he graduated, but can’t confirm this either way. But it is like my father always said- there are lots of “educated idiots” running around, and it is my opinion that Mesner is a perfect example of that. It is obvious that he isn’t working in the field of neuroscience, since he is busy bilking money for his fake movement.)

He isn’t married to Leveay’s daughter. He does have a reputation of being a “player” with women. He has dated Jex Blackmore in the past. When he appears at these atheist conventions the women go crazy for him and they want pictures with him.

What’s really disturbing to me is how much unchallenged press The Satanic Temple has received all over the world! Just this week Blackmore boasted about doing interviews with Mexico ‘ s Telemundo network and an Australian radio station. In America, she and Mesner have done interviews with local news all the way up to Time Magazine.

None ot the media asks them about allegations that this whole thing started first as a planned hoax then turned as a money making fame opportunity. Mesner and Blackmore are trying to build an empire and the media is totally helping them do it!

Mesner and Blackmore will also try to destroy anybody that tries to expose their empire first. Chapter heads and members have been threatened with lawsuits and violence if anyone publicly speaks out after falling out of favor.

This group is absolutely NOT the way it presents itself to the media.

I just wanted to share these observations with you. In doing a Google search, “Satanic Temple exposed”, your website and blogs popped up. You’re one of the very few speaking out to try to expose them. It may help to vent, but you’re right- it won’t do any good because media refuses to ask them tough questions.

You may feel free to write back. But please keep my name confidential and anonymous. I am old and fear for my safety. This is a vindictive group!

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