Why The “Movement” To Expose and Fight Satanism is Never Going to Go Anywhere

I have been involved with a myriad of people over the years trying to expose satanic ritual abuse and how it is perpetrating horrible crimes against children- but recently I have concluded that this so called movement has gone nowhere, and it probably never will. I have my ideas why this is true- first and foremost the majority of the people identifying themselves as it’s leaders are so narcissistic and ego centric that they have a tendency to slit the throats of anyone they can in order to grab the “glory” for themselves- and it is this behavior that prevents survivors from working together in any sort of cohesive manner. Most survivors, in my opinion, are solely focused on themselves- what happened to them, what they had to endure, what they have lost- and they don’t have the capability to really care about anyone or anything that doesn’t directly involve their personal trauma. Which is why a guy such as Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko aka Lucien Greaves is able to run circles around the survivor movement.

Below is an interview he had with FOX news. The person who uploaded this video claimed that Mesner aka Misicko aka Greaves was incredibly intelligent- but that is not how I view it. His answers are slow, and though he presents his usual overbearing superior ego- he seems, at the very best, average. He is the founder of the Satanic Temple- and husband to satanist Anton LeVay’s daughter, and doing what his father in law did so well in the 60’s- he is making a joke out of satanism in the public realm.

However, although he certainly is a huge tool, and has a face that would scare small children, it doesn’t seem that he is the sharpest tool in the shed. However, his 9 ft $100,000 devil statue is all over the news and social media and he is winning against survivors hands down. Below are just a few of the articles I was able to gather on the internet- and I assure you this is a SMALL sampling of what is out there…





So where are the voices of those who have been satanically ritually abused in all of this? NO WHERE. And why? Because survivors are so completely disjointed that none of us can work together as all of our leaders seem to want to be the “ONE”. Mesner is effectively taking the focus off of Michael Aquino- who is the American governments psych-ops expert and founder of Temple of Set- a Luciferian organization that believes in the Anti-Christ- and has been named by thousands of people who insist that he raped and satanically abused them as kids. In fact- after Aquino went on Oprah in the 90’s- the show had over 800 people call in within a week later and claim he has abused them. Aquino’s response? He insists that the 1000’s of people who have claimed he abused them are all in working in conjunction with each other, conspiring against him in order to black ball him because of his connections with satanism. Not only that- but he insists that all of us who have claimed he abused us are involved in some deviant sexual fantasy- and that he is the REAL victim. Of course- the fact that he looks like some weird version of Eddie Munster and offers no sex appeal what so ever, this is ridiculous. But hey- he insists that he is innocent- that even though he was called out satanically ritually abusing kids at the Presidio daycare in San Francisco and his whole military career is based on the nuances of psych ops and torturing people- he is actually the victim. And now that we have Mesner aka Misicko aka Greaves running around taking the limelight off of Aquino- it pretty much looks as if this whole situation is not only going to get swept under the rug- but it is going to be made out to be a joke.

But let me put it another way…


IT IS THIS GUY- WHO PULLED OUT HIS JUNK IN FRONT OF CAMERAS AND HAD IT DISPLAYED ALL OVER THE NEWS- THAT IS RUNNING CIRCLES AROUND SURVIVORS. His point of view is out there- his point of view is what everyone is focusing on- and NO ONE is talking about the real victims of this mess. And that fact, the fact that actual survivors are again without a voice, is due to the survivors themselves. We only have ourselves to blame. While we are bitching and moaning on Facebook and internet radio shows- the Satanists, lead by an idiot, are on main stream media and all over social networks. They are actually ACCOMPLISHING something- while we are not. The public is only hearing what these satanists have to say- which is not even CLOSE to the truth- while survivors are focused on themselves, and their healing, and their lives. And because we are so focused on ourselves- and SOLELY ourselves, we will, once again, lose the battle to get the truth out there. And we will only have ourselves to blame.

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