A Brief Summary of What I Have Been Doing on This Blog Part 1&2

I have decided to upload the original manuscript of Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story online- under its working title Confessions of an Antichrist, since there was a lot that was cut in the editing process and I decided to let people read what I initially wrote.  There is quite a bit that is added- and much more about my spirituality and such that is in the unedited version.  Since I have given the book away so much- and it has never been about the money- I figured that giving out the unedited version might help people understand a bit more where I was coming from when I wrote it.

So, as far as the investigation- I got involved with this after my father started talking about his crimes to people around him.  I am pretty sure that much of it is detailed in his notes from his hospice nurse at Methodist Hospital basically because she told my sister at his funeral to go check out the daily notes although we were unable to due to our step mother Joanne C. Shurter having his medical records sealed so that no one can look at anything without her permission.  I figure that he was telling everyone what happened and what he had done because both my step mother and brother went out of their way to convince everyone that my father was crazy in the end.  He wasn’t – he had all of his faculties up until this death- and so this whole thing was suspicious to me.  I had a conversation with him a few weeks before he died- and although dying of prostrate cancer- he was still solid in the mind- even though he was sick and claiming he had “skeletons in his closet.”  Joanne C. Shurter and her children would offer another version of what he was like- but what they would present is pretty much a lie.

My sister Cindy ended up dead three weeks after my father- telling everyone before she died – including her doctors and nurses- that her husband- who was a city manager down in Florida at the time- and her oldest daughter planned to kill her.  Her medical team was so concerned that they contacted Adult Protective Services, who was involved with her at the time of her death.  Personally, because these two were the only one’s with her when she died- and considering the fact that neither could get their stories straight when questioned about her death- I figured that they held her down and pumped air into her veins with one of her diabetic needles.  None of this was ever investigated- as Florida has a reputation of being totally lacking when it comes to looking into and holding people accountable for crimes- and since her now deceased husband was city manager- the powers that were just did what they often do and looked away from any misdoings.  I believe she was murdered because the family believed that she was going to tell me everything about the past- and they wanted to prevent that knowing what I would do- which is going to the authorities.  Of course after my sister’s death I started to put it all together anyway- but since she had vivid recollection of our childhoods- being 16 years older than myself- they wanted to prevent us from working together.

My brother Stephen, who had a long rap sheet with the law, was a photographer who took child porn pictures in Omaha at the time during Franklin.  When he died in Ocean City, Maryland- two years later a man by the name of Larry King Jr who also lived in Ocean City, Maryland- not the same Larry King that he worked with in Omaha- got busted with a huge collection of pictures depicting children in sado masochistic porn- which I believe is my brothers souvenir collection of pictures.  Stephen- who was a homeless alcoholic drug addict- was also identified by five different people as being one who showed up at a private conference where Noreen Gosch- mother of abducted boy Johnny Gosch, was speaking.  This was during the same time in November that my father was talking- right before he died- and according to Noreen Gosch- my father had called her up and spoke about committing crimes against children- so I figured that my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and my brother Stephen were desperate to find out what he had told her.

A side note about my brother is that he is the photographer who took the official picture of Frank Church- who was a man who first argued the connection between CIA and MKUltra- yet another connection to this whole mess.

Across the Midwest- there have been a plethora of child abductions where a big blue utility truck and a white Oldsmobile were identified in the abductions- as well as a Ford station wagon with wood paneling on the outside.  My family owned ALL THREE OF THESE VEHICLES.  Jacob Wetterling- in Minnesota- the three boys in West Des Moines- including Johnny Gosch- and a boy by the name of Ricky Chadick are just a few of these cases.  My older siblings lived in the area where Jacob was abducted, my aunt and uncle lived in West Des Moines where the three paperboys were abducted- and my grandparents lived in Omaha where the Chaddick boy was abducted so we had ties to all of the areas- not to mention that Ricky also vacationed at the same Silver Lake in Minnesota that my father and stepmother had a trailer at.

I have had a group of people on Amazon who accuse me of ingratiating myself into events in Franklin Credit- but the fact is that many of the people involved with the downed savings and loans were my parents friends.  Peter Citron worked at the Sun Times with my biological mother- Dick Bishop- heavily involved with the Hell’s Angels and the drug and child trafficking was my mother’s business partner- and Alan Baer- who was involved with me in one way or another till the man’s death, are just a few.  Omaha was and is a small cow town- and my family was heavily connected to those involved with Franklin Credit.  Harold Anderson- who was owner of The World Herald- was the man who was not only involved with things happening- but was the main distributor of the news which is why the news from the time is so skewed.  The rich and powerful were all involved with the child, drug, and gun trafficking and they controlled everything that came out of the whole situation.

It has been argued that there is no proof of child abductions and murders- but that is because of the highly efficient disposal system at Forest Lawn Cemetery where the remains of children were either cremated or the children themselves were buried with other people who were deceased.  The cannibalistic ceremonies were generally always outside at Hummel Park- on a table that was transportable.  The explanation of what happened there can be seen in my videos section at DavidShurter.com.  The reason why I am so angry and sarcastic in the videos is that it was a defense mechanism so that I could talk about what happened without breaking down.  The same is true for the videos concerning Omaha and the Old Market- called a Pederast’s Heaven- Omaha’s real legacy- also found on my website.

This is all for today- but I will continue putting info into this section and posting it as a page on my website.  In other words- TO BE CONTINUED…


Part Two


My oldest ½ sibling- who Is 9 years younger than myself- (I am 12 years younger than the youngest of my older siblings)- has claimed that I have not been attacked. As does the group on Amazon that I like to call the Pedophile Protection Squad. This is simply not true- and it is a fact that I have not only been attacked continuously online but also in person since I have tried to get all of this investigated.

A good example of people crawling out of the woodwork to derail me would be the woman who runs the website FreeRangeHumans. http://freerangehumans.net/blog/david-shurter-interview-with-deanna-spingola/ is a link designed all for me.

The truth is that this woman came to my house in an RV the same weekend that a filmmaker came to film a documentary about me. She did everything she could to derail this and actually succeeded for a moment- until I discovered that the woman was “wired for sound” and was recording everything that was going on in my home back in Iowa. It was this that was the beginning of the end of my relationship- as my ex felt incredibly violated and had grown tired of the dead animals being constantly left in our yard and the death threats that were coming through our phone on a constant basis.

I was not the only one. The owner of the Next Millennium was threated at three am in the morning as he just happened to let his dog out to do his duty. Told that this “fight” was not “his to fight”, the stranger then inferred that the man’s wife and home could easily become a thing of the past if he didn’t stop helping me. Having no choice- the owner spoke to me the next day and told me that he couldn’t sell my book at his shop as the whole ordeal had shaken him.

Even out where I live now has not been absent of attacks, as I was urged to allow a man named James Lico to live in my place, which I did. Not sleeping at all- crazy as all get out- the man from day one was convinced that my neighbors were inundating him with secret microwave weapons. Taking showers at all hours of the night- the guy did his best to prevent me from sleeping and keeping me on edge as he printed out google maps of my house and drew lines of sight to my neighbors homes. Eventually- after having me call the rescue squad for him- convinced that the microwave weapons had somehow hurt him- I talked to the professionals involved and told them what had been going on. Sending the police to my house- they urged me to look for any guns- which I found in his room- along with loaded clips. Loaded for bear with semi-automatic hand guns and rifles- I turned everything over to the police- who have YET to return his arsenal of guns to him as they have deemed him unstable. After throwing him out- he proceeded to write an article about me accusing me of elder abuse- that I had stolen money from him and that I was some sort of monster while demanding that he be allowed to come back and live in my home. Just one more attack- I have dismissed the situation- but there is a definite concerted effort to discredit me and keep people from listening to me.

As a side note- if you check out his website on facebook- he is now claiming that his NEW neighbors are doing the same thing. Needing severe psychiatric help- it has not bypassed my attention that this man was probably known about and sent intentionally to my home to do exactly what he did. It just seems like more of the same.

The pedophile protection squad on Amazon has battled me for two years now- trying to do their best to try and keep people from listening to me and regarding what I have to say. I have not been alone in this- but, as the woman from FreeRangeHumans did- they set themselves up as hapless victims who are not responsible for my irritation.  Attacking and then wringing their hands when I respond- they have tried their best to try and make me seem unstable- when most of what I have done is try to defend myself from their constant taunts and jabs.

My stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her daughter will write everyone they can that associates with me and claim that I am a violent predator- although I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO HISTORY OF THIS BEHAVIOR. Not in high school as a kid- not anywhere as an adult- but the whole adage if you tell a lie loud enough and long enough people will start to believe is what these people all seem to be doing. I actually lost my relationship and left town due to my stepmother and ½ sister’s harassment along with Joanne’s cousin/lawyer Gerry Friedrichsen- who is INTIMATELY involved in helping to hide my family’s misdoings. Stalking me and sending threatening letters to anyone and everyone they could- the interesting part is that Joanne’s name is NO WHERE MENTIONED IN MY BOOK. Nor are her children- so it makes one wonder if she is not mentioned by name in the book- why does she feel the need to bring such attention to herself? I personally know that it is her guilt that fuels her- and the fear that her misdeeds will someday be known.

Anyone who is a whistleblower in this society as it is today can expect the same type of attacks that I have experienced. There is a group- loosely connected- who will do whatever they can to twist the facts in order to try and prevent anyone from seeing clearly what is being claimed by those who would come forward with the truth. I just am an easy target for this group of individuals- as I have been incredibly vocal about what I went through. Battling such arguments is that I “think I am a God” or that I am a” Zionist who is anti-heterosexual” are ridiculous accusations- but then, most of that which has been leveled at me have been lies that so exceed the reality of the situation that I have been baffled at their mere existence. However- this is just one more part of the puzzle that makes up the situation that I have found myself in.


(Letter from Joanne C. Shurter and Gerry Friedrichsen- Joanne’s Cousin and Lawyer at Fitzgerald, Schorr, Barmettler & Brennan, P.C., L.L.O.)
Re: Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story by David Shurter

Dear Whoever:

I am writing on behalf of Joanne Shurter to direct that neither you nor anyone associated with you publish, sell, distribute or participate in any effort to disseminate through any medium a publication entitled Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, written by David Shurter, that contains statements about Joanne Shurter and her family accusing Mrs. (Robert Lynn) Shurter or members of her family of child abuse, child abduction, child trafficking, pedophilia, rape, and murder.  All are actionable as assertions of civil and criminal misconduct.

Please govern yourselves accordingly.

Very truly yours,

Gerald L. Friedrichsen


For the Firm


(Makes you wonder why my stepmother is so desperate to keep people from reading my book.  Funny enough- she is never mentioned by name in the book- nor is my father- but since she and her cousin/lawyer want to send this letter out to anyone and everyone- I thought I would help Gerald and just let people read it for themselves.)

Anyway- more will be forthcoming… TO BE CONTINUED

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