What Happens in the UK Generally Comes to America Eventually

Of course I could be wrong. I mean Rupert Murdock never really made a splash with his spying campaign- and now we see Obama and the NSA spying on everyone in the US, so why would anyone think that Jimmy Saville and his royal connections as a satanic pedophile would actually wake up the US to what has been going on here for so long? The Pedophile Protection Squad- with their promoting a satanic statue in Oklahoma and getting the right to say satanic prayers in Florida seem to be running rampant with their hate and ugliness and yet most just sit on the sidelines watching and wringing their hands. Contrary to what this group of generally young people promote- Satan is AGAINST humanity and a good life. Father of lies- just because a small group is beguiled by the thought of darkness doesn’t mean that the rest of mankind must go along- and as much as they proclaim that Satanic worship at large isn’t happening doesn’t negate the truth. The fact is that there has been a strong successful attempt at covering up what many know as large spread satanic worship among our leaders of society- and this MUST BE EXPOSED AND STOPPED rather than generalized and accepted among the the common man. Satan said he would turn every human being against God- and for the most part- he is doing a right fine job of it. In this case- ignorance is not nor will it ever be bliss- and to be apathetic about it is to allow and embrace the evil that is being perpetrated. There is no other choice- you either fight against evil or you accept it and eventually allow yourself to be claimed by it. Right is right and wrong is wrong and in this their is NO MIDDLE GROUND!

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