Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), the False Memory Foundation, and the “Witch hunt” of Franklin Credit Union

So there is this sweeping generalization from the False Memory Foundation that anyone who claims to have been satanically ritually abused must have dissociative identity disorder that stems from bad therapy.  Of course the False Memory Syndrome Foundation came after the whole Franklin Credit Union hoopla- but when looked at closely- they are both incredibly connected.

The allegations about Omaha and the SRA that was occurring there happened in the late 80s and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (which has never been proved to be any kind of syndrome whatsoever) came in 92.  It my contention that the case tried in Omaha was the PROTOTYPE for the allegations that the False Memory people would allege later.  You see- the FIRST person in court who was claiming to have Multiple personality disorder (now called DID) due to satanic ritual abuse was none other than Paul Bonnaci.  Until then- there had been NO SUCH CASES EVER REPORTED IN A COURT SURROUNDING CLAIMS OF SRA AND DID.  Yes, multiple personality disorder was talked about because of books like Sybil- but until Omaha- NONE OF IT HAD BEEN CONNECTED TO SRA.  Bonnaci was the first.

Back then- the powers that be were scared that Alisha Owen would be believed when she claimed that she had been sexually molested as a child by Omaha’s chief of police Robert Wadman who was the father of her unborn baby.  It is my contention that they sent Troy Boner- who was a well known Baer boy (boy prostitute of Alan Baer’s), and Paul Bonnaci- who I personally had NEVER SEEN AT ANY OF THE PARTIES IN TOWN AND ESSENTIALLY CAME OUT OF NOWHERE, to Owen’s side to tell outlandish stories so that no one would believe her about Robert Wadman and what happened to her as a kid.  In fact- most of all of the situation was completely dismissed due to Bonnaci and his multiple personality disorder behavior- which the grand jury didn’t believe, basically because his behavior was ludicrous.  However- Bonnaci was the first person in America to claim to be a “multiple” due to satanic ritual abuse- and was the first case of the whole situation being dismissed.

I don’t trust those who were in power and involved in the investigation- generally because as small as Omaha was/is- there is no way that it was unknown about the prostitution of young boys around an area in town called the RUN- which was only blocks aways from the police station downtown.  Sam Soda- claimed by Noreen Gosch to be part of her son’s abduction- worked at the Stagedoor bar which was RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the police station.  The fact that drugs, boys, and guns were being trafficked was well known by the least of those involved- and so the fact that this remained quiet to those who were involved in the investigation is damn near impossible.

However- the case in Omaha was replicated all over the nation when parents began to realize that their children were being sexually abused and coming home with sexually transmitted diseases.  Cases like McMartin- which has been well publicized- was used to dismiss these parents- all of who the False Memory Foundation claim were DID or had an axe to grind with their individual day cares.  EVERY PARENT WHO MADE A CLAIM- AND THERE WERE 7 DAY CARES IN TOTAL THAT MADE THE SAME CLAIMS AS McMARTIN AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME AREA- WAS A RESULT OF BAD THERAPY DRIVING THESE PARENTS TO MAKE OUTLANDISH CLAIMS?  Back at a time that therapy was taboo.  Really?  And now this same group will claim that everyone who claims SRA abuse are sufferers of DID caused by rogue therapists- dismissing the whole situation much like Omaha’s past was due to the case of Paul Bonnaci.

Nothing lives in a vacuum.  Everything builds on everything else- and I think that the whole False Memory BS came from the claims of Omaha- and now is being used to dismiss claims that our government- under the guise of MKUltra- were using day cares and children to further their experiments of mind control.  THERE IS NO WAY EVERY PARENT WAS BEING DELUDED BY BAD THERAPISTS- and therapy doesn’t cause STD’s.  What WAS happening was that there was a huge push with a lot of financial backing to dismiss the claims of abuse by children and parents and help the general public to dismiss the allegations of abuse as a mere witch hunt that rated as nothing more than a conspiracy theory.  This whole process is still being used today.

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