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A Song Whose Words Speak of Exactly What I Believe- Something Positive LoL.

President Clinton Apologizes for MK Ultra

Connecting the Dots- Trying to Process What I Have Discovered with Pedophile Rings

I know that it seems as if I have been off on a tangent lately, and I agree that it certainly has felt like it- and yet it is an undeniable fact that I have discovered many things along the way. Listening to my interviews, both with Karen Garrett with FreeRangeHumans and Deanna Spingola- one […]

An Email Sent to Me by a Friend about PRISM

Hi all, This 29-year-old just gave up his whole life to blow the whistle on theUS’s insane PRISM program — which has hacked all our emails, Skype messages and Facebook posts for years. If millions of us act urgently and get behind him, we can help press the US to crack down on PRISM, not […]

Renata’s Talk Shoe Program for Targeted Individuals- TONIGHT 6/17/2013

Join us tonight for Conversation and Support for T.I.’s 6:00pm pacific time. Call in:1.Dial: (724) 444-7444 2.Enter: 114616 # (Call ID) 3.Enter: 1 # or your PIN Join from your computer:1. Click here to join the call or just listen along 2. (Optional) Become a TalkShoe member

The Commonalities Between Franklin Credit, the Columbine Shooting, and Penn State

First and foremost, each one of these situations centers on a pedophile group that consists of incredibly important and well-connected people. All three together point to the fact that there are RINGS OF PEDOPHILES at work in the United States and they are being protected by our law officials and the national media. All three […]

The New Mayor Silenced Every City Employee From Talking to the Media- Could Everything I am Doing Be the Reason? Omaha’s new mayor, Jean Stothert is already aware of me and my crusade to get my family investigated for their roles in child abductions, as I have faxed her office more than once already. Just as I have constantly faxed Judge Marlon Polk’s office, and have started to fax the Nebraska Governor Greg Heinemen, […]

My Interview with Deanna Spingola Contact Info for Those Mentioned in the Interview Judy Byington author of 22 Faces Felicity Lee Talkshoe Hosts: Renata Sunday @ 5pm Eastern Standard Time 724-444-7444 talkshoe address :114616# Alda 724 444 7444 talkshoe address 99521# Memoir “Barbara Guillette” 724 444 7444 talkshoe address 122336# Doug Millar 707-396-8215 […]

Nick Bryant and My Anger with the Spin Machine

Right now I am incredibly angry- which happens when I feel betrayed. I have been struggling as hard as I possibly can to get what happened here in Omaha exposed in order to help people understand the complexities of the situations by giving them a foundation to focus on- but also I have been doing […]

For Those of You Who Are Wondering If There is REALLY a Media Campaign to Dismiss Survivor’s of MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse

The False Memory Foundation is asserting that claims of satanic ritual abuse, mind control, and child sex abuse can all be associated with aliens and alien abductions. Now, on Facebook- this picture was sent to me. The problem with this that I see is that subconsciously- people are starting to be lead to believe that […]