For Those of You Who Are Wondering If There is REALLY a Media Campaign to Dismiss Survivor’s of MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse


The False Memory Foundation is asserting that claims of satanic ritual abuse, mind control, and child sex abuse can all be associated with aliens and alien abductions. Now, on Facebook- this picture was sent to me. The problem with this that I see is that subconsciously- people are starting to be lead to believe that MKUltra victims, and victims of the kind of abuse that I have in my own personal history, are fabricated and are connected to such stupid ideologies such as this picture presents. We are all media driven- and it is little things such as this that make a big difference with people. None of my abuse- nor anyone I have met talking about their own abuse similar to mine- have spoken about aliens or abductions. Even the FMS PP Squad spokesperson can’t equate alien talk with the SMART conference he attended. However- there are probably a lot more people than 4% who SADLY believe this crap, as was shown in the hulu plus commercial with Alec Baldwin when he portrayed that he was a lizard person- complete with a tongue. Our national media is driving this thought home to quite a few in order to help dismiss our governments involvement with secret projects. Again- it is little things like what I am speaking about that make the difference- as any reader of Neil Postman could tell you.

THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Entertainment is nice- but that is all that it is- and we are all a product of our experiences. Don’t allow trolls in our society to dictate what you choose to honestly investigate. Our governments involvement in child abuse and secret mind control experiments are all ready a documented fact- and to consider that our government- who did all this in secret in the first place- has continued in secret is certainly not far fetched. It has nothing to do with aliens but rather has a “boots on the ground” history- which NEEDS to be looked at in so many ways that it is incredible.

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