Getting Back to Basics…

I have spent, in my opinion, an inordinate amount of time fighting with the False Memory Foundation’s PP Sqaud spokesperson- but this morning, after checking out the internet- after what was just said- I realize that this boy knows nothing about me, and is simply trying to diss me because I have spoken at Neil Brick’s SMART conference in the past. Realizing that the child had no clue what I actually said when I spoke, I wanted to give everyone the link so that you could, if you want to, contact Mr. Brick and obtain my cd’s in order to LISTEN to what I said rather than the opinions of what the False Memory Foundation’s PP Spokesperson THINKS I said. That link can be found at:

Personally, I do not care in the least if this boy finds me credible or not. The fact remains that what I have detailed in my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” is a real account of my personal involvement with the people who were connected to nefarious goings on here in Omaha, and the facts that I have detailed about my family are also true. My father and his family- including my father, step-mother, and brother- were involved in murders and abductions throughout the Midwest, and I am simply wanting all of this investigated. The False Memory Foundation’s PP Squad did their best to try and trash my book with reviews on Amazon- but the fact remains that I am up for Best Book of the Year, and you can’t get there with a poorly written manuscript. Each and every argument that the FMF PP Squad offers falls flat, and that is the reason why I have decided that they are best ignored- as feeding the trolls only makes them hungrier for attention. As such- I stand by my warning to ALL SURVIVORS that they have HEAVILY infiltrated the internet and are looking for any and every way they can to publically detract from the survivor community, and if you choose to share personal life experiences and info with complete strangers- then you do so at your own folly. However I, like the title of this article says- am going to go back to basics.

For those of you who are interested- I have an article being published in the summer issue of Paranoia magazine called “A History of Silence: Child Trafficking in the United States”. In fact, I am heavily involved with working with individuals researching the problems and am getting ready to publish a second book on the subject that will be out January 2014. As such- I don’t have time to play with the likes of the PP Squad, especially considering that through my emails to media, local law officials, and Nebraska politicians I am going to continue to try and bring forth an investigation concerning my family, and the fact that I have been trying to do this for the PAST 7 YEARS NOW, I think it is time to dedicate more resources to this rather than fighting on the internet with children. My family is going to make the likes of Jimmy Saville in the U.K. look like child’s play, as my family and their activities are somewhat at the FOUNDATION of what happened here in Omaha in my opinion, so cracking all of this wide open is imperative. Since I full heartedly believe this- I must dedicate as much of my time and effort to finally bring all this darkness into the light. Seeing the hits that I get on my blog, as well as on my Facebook page, I know that people from ALL OVER THE WORLD have started to sit up and take notice as to what I am doing- and so I firmly believe that my efforts are far from being in vain. Therefore, I have decided to go full throttle with all of this and leave the little boy and his FMF PP Squad partners to their own devices and start focusing more completely on my own objectives so that I may see them to fruition.

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