Concerning Facebook and Trolls- PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE

I am pretty certain, considering there have been those who have come out of nowhere and have ingratiated themselves onto many, MANY survivor’s accounts that there is a systematic attempt to invade, USE, and discredit those who would put personal information on the site. There are new survivors groups, built by people that are only known on Facebook and over the phone- who are beginning to try and control- not only the information that is disseminated, but are seeking deep, personal things about people’s belief systems concerning abuse. Considering that there has been a “war” waging on this front for quite a while now- I must warn people to NOT PUT PERSONAL THINGS ON THE WEB. There are private boards out there- such as ivory gardens, which is which is well moderated and more protected than Facebook, as there is a concerted effort, in my opinion, to DUPE survivors into telling personal views and stories about their abuse so that these ideas can be used against us in the future. I also have this idea that they will only use the most outrageous things that are said- and simply being a case of “guilt by association”- they will use whatever they can to defame and discredit the entire survivor community. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. That is all I am saying- Facebook is not the place for any real discussion about DID, SRA, or any other abuse issues but rather is simply a social media tool for us to play on and I assure you- through PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, that there are people out there who would like to do nothing better than trash, in the public eye- everything we have been fighting to expose for a long time now. AND THEY ARE DEFINITELY ON FACEBOOK.

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