The Commonalities Between Franklin Credit, the Columbine Shooting, and Penn State

First and foremost, each one of these situations centers on a pedophile group that consists of incredibly important and well-connected people. All three together point to the fact that there are RINGS OF PEDOPHILES at work in the United States and they are being protected by our law officials and the national media.

All three have a missing or dead investigator. Gary Caradori was blown out of the sky and all of his evidence vanished into thin air, Captain Thom White was helping to expose occult crime and the makings of high school “death squads”, (which, if you read David McGowan’s book Programmed to Kill– shows that this is definitely NOT out of the realm of possibility), but before White could go public he “fell down the stairs” and all of HIS research and work disappeared into thin air. Then you have the case of Ray Gricar- who was a prosecuting attorney who decided NOT to bring charges against Jerry Sandusky who himself vanished into thin air along with his hard drive from his laptop. Maybe these are all just coincidences, but come on- what are the odds of this?

Each one of these situations denotes a cover up- but has systematically been ignored by our law officials, politicians, and national media- I believe because they suggest that these rings of pedophiles that we are starting to become aware of are HIGH in stature and have lots of money surrounding them. There has also been a concerted effort to keep the facts of these cases from hitting the general public.

I am often asked why I continue with all of this- esp. considering the adversity that I am facing, and I always respond that THESE THINGS ARE STILL HAPPENING. Children are still being hurt and trafficked, and there is EXAMPLE AFTER EXAMPLE as to why this all needs to be looked at publically and scrutinized by average individuals since there is a COLLECTIVE ATTEMPT to keep all of this quiet.

It is funny- I got involved with Columbine a year ago last April when I contacted Doug Millar, and I never thought in a million years that the things I am investigating in Omaha would extend into the survivor community and lead right back to the events that transpired in Colorado. I find it fascinating that all those who would seriously look into these allegations have ended up missing or dead, and wonder what the odds are concerning this.

Stay tuned to as I will continue my finding and other’s as the information becomes available.

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