The New Mayor Silenced Every City Employee From Talking to the Media- Could Everything I am Doing Be the Reason?

Omaha’s new mayor, Jean Stothert is already aware of me and my crusade to get my family investigated for their roles in child abductions, as I have faxed her office more than once already. Just as I have constantly faxed Judge Marlon Polk’s office, and have started to fax the Nebraska Governor Greg Heinemen, as well as emailing a myriad of people including media, survivor’s advocates, and Nebraska State Patrolman John Pankonin. It seems that transparency is not on the agenda- and considering how much difficulty LB255 had in it’s passing, which is Nebraka’s new child trafficking law, it tells me that there is a concerted effort to keep what I am doing as far down in the dirt as they can keep it. Omaha does NOT want its history concerning children to be known- and regardless of what others might say- it matters because it NEVER STOPPED but rather evolved and mutated into an epidemic. This is not an attempt to start a witch hunt- it is just looking around and stating facts. Child and human trafficking are at proportions that MUST take a great deal of effort to maintain- considering how pervasive and connected it is. This says that there are obviously RINGS of people- kidnapping, drugging, and ritually abusing victims in order to keep them quiet and controlled. 2,185 children are reported missing daily- that is 800,000 children a year- and yet we focus on one child at a time for years (like Casey Anthony). There is a REASON for this.

Omaha’s new mayor seems to be working her own magic to keep things under wraps- and if all of this finally gets out- chances are- there is going to be A LOT of media.

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