Connecting the Dots- Trying to Process What I Have Discovered with Pedophile Rings

I know that it seems as if I have been off on a tangent lately, and I agree that it certainly has felt like it- and yet it is an undeniable fact that I have discovered many things along the way. Listening to my interviews, both with Karen Garrett with FreeRangeHumans and Deanna Spingola- one can tell that I am neither angry, nor am I delusional. It is just that what I have involved myself in is so big and so complex that I need a scorecard to keep up on what is being presented to me sometimes. When I went to the police and told them that my father was guilty of abducting, raping, and murdering children- it never occurred to me that I would have to do my own investigation in order to get the police involved. This entry undoubtedly will be lengthy- as I am going to try and put down my position on paper so that perhaps it will become more comprehensible- not only to you, as the reader- but also to myself. Always having considered this thing to be a spiders web, I hope to back away enough to at least explain the complexities of some of the strands- since it has been my experience that those who get caught in this web can’t see it for what it is, always resulting in people struggling with the facts until they simply give up and are devoured by those who are in no way abject to eating their own.

So here we have a secret government project called MKUltra that our government implemented secretly since the 50s, but I am delusional in believing that they have checks and balances in place to contain any attempt of exposing this- as they KNEW that people would come forward eventually? It has been my experience that there is more to this story than what has been told- and I am in no way an investigator- so the things that I have been able to figure out would be an easy bread trail to follow to those who would have the resources to do an actual real investigation.

If this was just about Franklin Credit- I would have stopped a long time ago- but it isn’t just Franklin- it is Penn State, and MIT, and now I’m finding out with the case of Captain Thom White that it is connected to shelters in Boston and that somehow it was this man’s research that was a threat to exposing what happened at Columbine- which is circular for me in a way as it was THIS case that started me thinking in the paradigms that I am now accustomed too. All of this denotes human and child trafficking- and things didn’t stop with Franklin but has grown to epidemic proportions.

Thom White died falling down some stairs, and his research on cult and ritual killing evaporated- Gary Caradori and his son die when their plane explodes, and all of his research evaporates. Ray Gricar investigates Penn State, and himself evaporates along with the hard drive from his laptop, and then Monsignor Robert Hupp, who is filmed talking about Boystown and Franklin, falls down the steps and dies. It seems that there is a Rapture happening with anyone who is investigating these cases of child and human trafficking. Of course- then you have Aaron Swartz- who was targeted hard by our government because he had discovered a cult involved in child trafficking at MIT, and it was this information that our government was so desperate from coming out. None of these are made up events- and the question is- what exactly ARE the odds of all of this? And this is just the little stuff that I have been able to uncover about these situations. Imagine what someone with resources could do.

As far as Columbine- the deputy Sheriff Walsh who supposedly raped one or both of the killers the January before- now has been busted on meth for sex with a minor- pointing that there JUST MIGHT HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. It is no secret that the system is meant to protect its own, and it does so without conscience. So files have been destroyed- misplaced, and locked in archives beyond anyone’s reach- not only with Columbine- but with all the other cases as well.

I have been told that I am close to connecting the dots, and I feel that is true- but there is a lot of work to be done. For some reason- the MKUltra stuff is connected to the Satanic ritual abuse issues, and Col. Michael Aquino is at the center of that- esp. with the Presidio case- and yet he is protected on the grounds of national security. ALL OF THIS goes back to the government doing horrible things to its citizens and committing TREASON in the process. That is the real reason that this has all been called a career killer- not because it is craziness, but because it is so involved and so vast complete with so many powerful players that it takes someone like me- a nobody without a pot to piss in to stand and be unafraid of the consequences. One of my best friends was murdered over all of this-as was my older sister- and I have had these people do any and every thing they could think of to trash me these past seven years- and I again pose the question- HOW MANY ARE OUT THERE THAT WEREN’T AS TENACIOUS AS ME? It is for these people I really am fighting for- the ones who have fallen within the cracks without anyone really knowing or giving a damn.

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