On the Front Lines, Fighting for Survivors- Why I Continue to Battle for Us to Be Heard

I realize that the arguments that I have been involved with have ugly and intense, but I am battling with those who would do their best to manipulate and distract from what happened here in Omaha. In my opinion, there is a concerted effort to close down not only me, but any survivor who would come forward and speak about the same things I have and I am trying to do my best to prevent that from happening. Attempting to get law enforcement and local politicians to investigate my father and his family for their roles in a child abduction and trafficking ring, the only thing I seem to have achieved is defamation of my personal character- and I wonder how many have come forward who have experienced the same sort of concerted effort to close them down as I have. Trained to be as tenacious as a pit bull, I have not been daunted by my detractors, but my question is- how many have come before me trying to do what I am doing and quit because of the animosity that surrounds these claims?

The False Memory Foundation’s spokesperson attacks and equates claims of satanic ritual abuse and our governments program of MKUltra with those claiming alien abduction in an attempt to dismiss and ridicule the reports of abuse, although this is FAR from the only thing that was happening here in Omaha. I have said repeatedly that I believe that SRA and MKULtra go hand in hand with each other, and that they have a strong connection to the 2,185 kids reported missing daily- as these practices are also linked to the child abduction and trafficking problems within our borders. However- this was compounded and made worse by the drug trafficking our government was involved with here in Omaha at the time- which pretty much FUNDED all of these activities. Laundering money through a few churches, the gay bars here in town, as well through one or two other establishments here in Omaha- none of these illicit activities had to do with aliens or alien abductions, but rather criminal behavior that extended to our richest and most powerful men in the nation.

Many people don’t even know what the False Memory Foundation is, or why it was designed- but this doesn’t make the influence that this group asserts in the public any less dangerous- nor does it make it any less prevalent. Nothing more than a mind game designed to confuse and dismiss allegations of abuse, I wonder why the organization has chosen to promote someone who has SEVERAL connections to Satanism, all the while trying to assert that Satanism doesn’t exist. Basically claiming that children coming home from their day cares infected with STD’s were somehow connected to “false memories” and hysterical women who were all being manipulated by their perspective therapists who were implanting memories in their brains and convincing them that they all had multiple personality disorders, this organization has sought to destroy anyone who would stand against them and their preposterous theories. Focusing on survivors, the False Memory Foundation PP Squad does their very best to infiltrate the lives of the outspoken in order to silence them into submission, either by attacking them and their credibility on the internet, or going as far as to access their opposing family members in order to create constant dissension and heartache for the person. All in order to muddy the waters enough so that no one is able to decipher what is real and what is not.

This behavior is pervasive throughout Omaha’s history- and looking at the big picture- it is easy to see that much of what has been reported about what happened here has been used to distract and dismiss the TRUTH of what REALLY was going on here. The fact of the matter is that this is still happening- and the smoke and mirrors are once again being heavily promoted to discombobulate the facts in hope of preventing anyone from realizing the truth. CNN just ran an article about Elizabeth Loftus (a self-purported memory “expert”), the Examiner is running with a story published just three days ago equating claims of Satanism, ritual abuse and mind control with aliens and alien abductions whose author has a history of dabbling in the occult, not to mention all the activity that is surrounding Omaha itself- like the fact that most of the “facts” that have been presented about Omaha all derive from three people- John DeCamp, Noreen Gosch, and Paul Bonnaci who are adamant about connecting Omaha with an abduction that happened in another town, in another state- and was the first of THREE boys that disappeared in the area. In other words- these three, on behalf of MANY people here in Nebraska, have been doing their best to distract attention from what happened here and make it into something that no one can believe- and so people simply dismiss it. MSNBC just did a show concerning Johnny Gosch- within the last six months, which again shows how our national media is setting the stage like they did in the 80- 90s in order to dispel any concerns that our nation is being run by men who are using children for money and nefarious experiments that they have a history of doing and concealing. Dictating to the masses a whole bunch of BS, they are doing what they have done best- controlling the public’s perception with lies and deceit in hopes that no one takes anyone who claims they are a victim of this seriously. This is being done intentionally, and on such a large scale- that I feel like I am truly fighting a Goliath.

However, the only thing that separates success from the rest is the ability to get up one more time than you are knocked down- which is why I will continue to do what I am doing- in hopes that survivors of all of this finally get a chance to be heard.

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